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Owning a successful business is hard work, as everyone knows who has ever tried it. But there is help out there for entrepreneurs. 

The Young Professionals of Junction City are teaming up with young professional groups from Manhattan and Wamego to put on a Dale Carnegie seminar called Building Your Network.

It takes place Dec. 13 at the Geary County Convention Center. Registration starts at 1:30 p.m.  and the seminar itself starts at 2 p.m. At about 4:15 p.m., participants will have the chance to socialize, after which there will be several brief keynote speakers. Registration costs $45, which includes refreshments.

If you don’t want to register the day of the event, feel free to register online through the Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce’s website, or through the websites of the other participating chambers — Manhattan and Wamego — or contact YPJC president Garric Baker at (785) 776-1011.

“It’s a really valuable skillset just for the emerging young professionals who maybe don’t know anybody in town,” Baker said. 

Junction City has a notably transient population, meaning there may be more such people here than in the average Kansas city of the same size.

Though the seminar’s aimed largely at business professionals, anyone is welcome to attend.

“If there’s anybody in the community that wants to come, they’re more than welcome to,” Baker said. “It’s basically to give our attendees the skill set that they need to build a network.”

Networking is valuable to people in all career paths, he feels. He said the seminar will help participants learn the skills needed to network, build productive relationships, and build rapport in conversation.

The seminar is a networking event in and of itself and because it’s a regional event, people from multiple surrounding communities will be there.

It’s also a step forward for Junction City’s regional partnership — Baker said he believes this is the first time all three young professionals groups have come together to put on an event.


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