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New Geary County Commissioner Brad Scholz is sworn in by County Clerk Rebecca Nordyke Friday morning.

A short ceremony Friday packed the Geary County Commissioners room as friends and family of Brad Scholz joined county employees witnessed Scholz being sworn in as commissioner.

“I want to thank all of you for showing up, it means a lot,” Scholz said. “It means a lot. The faith that the delegates of the Republican Central Committee put in me with the position. I hope to represent all of Geary County, regardless of party, and do the best that I can. And if anyone has any questions or anything or needs me I’m always available. I’ve been on call with my job for over 20 something years, and that will continue. So thanks again.”

Scholz said he’s experienced a mix of emotions but was “looking forward to work with the city, working with the county, looking at what issues are really plaguing the county.”

“I’m interested in how the city and the county works together and how those budgets overlap one another,” he said. “Because I know there’s been some contention in the past and would like to kind of focus on that.”

Scholz was selected by the Geary County Republican Party to replace long time commissioner Ben Bennett who passed away in December.

“It was a huge honor,” Scholz said. “Ben was a school teacher here his entire career. (He) was very active in wrestling and if anyone knows anything about wrestling, all your Saturdays are shot — they’re gone. And as soon as he got out of that, then he was into the commission. So, he literally endeared himself to the community his entire life. And like what I said at the convention, that’s something that any person that’s been elected, should emulate to strive to be — because he really donated his entire life to this community.”

Being his first term as a commissioner, Scholz admitted he has plenty to learn while at the same time some things he would like to see accomplished.

“I would love to see improved relationship between the city and the county,” he said. “I would like to figure out where we’re going with the hospital. I know with CAC coming in that we are seeing improvements in the [profits and losses.] So, I think the really big issue coming up this year is going to be those two things for me.”

Scholz said he is humbled by this opportunity.

“I’m excited and looking forward to serving everybody — and I mean everybody,” he said.

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