Fort Riley Army leaders’ spouses toured the new, 437,000-square-foot Junction City High School on Wednesday.

The guests included Emma White, spouse of Third Armored Corps Commanding General Lt. Gen. Robert White, Faith Simms, spouse of the Fort Riley Commanding General Maj. Gen. Douglas Kathleen O’Connor, spouse of Fort Riley Deputy Commanding General Brigadier General Thomas O’Connor, Faith Simms, spouse of Fort Riley Commanding General Maj. Gen. Douglas Simms II and Fort Riley Garrison Commander Col. William McKannay and his spouse Deidre McKannay.

“The Army is huge, they enabled this,” said David Wild, chief operating officer (COO) for Geary County Schools USD 475, regarding the new high school. “It would never have happened without the relationship that the district has with the Army, and that’s not overlooked.”

The guests discussed with COO Wild and Superintendent Dr. Reginald Eggleston the progress of the high school, which is expected to be complete in August, as well as the unique academic structure of the high school’s four career academies: Freshman Success Academy, Fine Arts and Human Services Academy, Business Information and Technology Academy and Science Engineering and Technology Academy.

Over 50% of Geary County Schools USD 475’s student population is military-affiliated, enabling many benefits for the school district and the students.

“This isn’t a 100% military school, and there’s going to be local kids that get to benefit from all of this which is great,” Emma said.

Superintendent Dr. Eggleston also presented to the guests the districts goals and plan for improving student’s behavioral, social, and emotional learning, engagement, and graduation rate.

“My son… has had the best experience,” Kathleen said regarding her son who attends Junction City High School.

“He needed the environment, his GPA has gone way up, he’s just so happy.”

The military-affiliated student population has been able to offer the school district educational opportunities and excellent resources that otherwise would not have been possible.

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