Barton Community College has announced its list of graduates who earned associate degrees or certificates for career training during the fall semester of 2020.


Olivia Garver, A.A.S.


Matthew Ballay, A.S.

Fort Riley

Briana Arenas, A.G.S.

Tyler Bullock, A.G.S.

Emma Davis, A.S.

Natalie De La Cruz, A.G.S.

James Devlin, A.G.S.

Elizabeth Dumas, A.S.

David Espersen, A.S.

Madeline Griffin, A.S.

Melissa Johnson, A.S.

Navin Khan, Medical Coding Certificate

Kaylee Long, A.G.S.

Summer Orellano, A.G.S.

Angel Payne, A.S.

Guadalupe Piganelli, A.G.S.

Cindy Puentes, A.S.

Cecelia Richardson-Williams, A.S.

Jeamelah Samedy, A.S.

Tyeako Simpkins, A.S.

Kindra Smith, A.S.

Jessica Stawicki, A.S.

Bobby Wilfried Tchamou, A.S.

Alejandro Vila Rodriguez, A.S.

Trae Westbrook, A.S.

Junction City

Enrique Anaya, A.A.S.

Payton Baker, A.S.

Precious Boateng, A.S.

Gabriel Curtis, A.G.S.

Jarrett Evangelista, A.S.

James Evans, A.G.S.

Meagan Ford, A.G.S.

Destiny Manning, A.G.S.

Leola Peterson, A.S.

Eduardo Saldana, A.S.

Karrie Taylor-Doxey, A.G.S.

Gabriella Towne, A.S.

Angelica Viramontes, A.G.S.

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