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With the addition of a new Economic Development Commission director has come new economic development opportunities.

Mickey Fornaro-Dean has been hard at work trying to convince new businesses to set up shop in Geary County.

She has a variety of prospects after about a month on the job.

She won’t refer to these companies by name — even to the EDC itself — but she has been willing to share some information about four of the businesses that have expressed an interest in moving into the area.

The first of these is an international light manufacturing warehouse company which expressed an interest back in January. This company is currently looking at having about five employees in the area to start with. This could grow to about 20. Fornaro-Dean is in contact with the owner/president of the company. Representatives from the business have conducted a site visit in Geary County.

The second business looking to open in Junction City is in retail which would have at least five employees. The EDC was contacted by “an out of state development rep for a large retail group” interested in opening a site locally, according to Fornaro-Dean. She has been in contact with that representative and someone from the business has done a site visit in Geary County.

The third prospect is a large transportation and logistics company, the vice president of which has been in contact with Fornaro-Dean. No one from the company has conducted a visit to the area, yet, but one is planned in the very near future. The company will then determine if the area has what it is looking for and can support such a business. 

“This is a company that I’ve had a relationship with for a long time,” Fornaro-Dean said. “Their senior VP of business development ... is real excited about the fact that we have Highway 70 sitting right along our southern border.” 

It is not known yet how many jobs this company’s arrival might create. 

The fourth business which has expressed interest in Geary County is a transportation company. Representatives from this business contacted the Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce about a location and have conducted a site visit. Fornaro-Dean has been in contact with the company seeking additional information.

The EDC director will be presenting prospect reports such as these monthly at EDC meetings. 

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