Chestnut Street strip mall

The stripmall that houses 304 through 318 E. Chestnut St. is having new life breathed into it. By Feb 1 it will house several different businesses — Steppin’ Out, Next Home, and Money Zone.

A new Japanese sushi restaurant called Tokyo will open its doors March 1.

Steppin’ Out and NextHome used to have locations on Washington Street, but NextHome owner Sheila Burdett sold her building. Glenda Baker, owner of Steppin’ Out, used to have her store at the Chestnut Street location and wanted to move back.

“This is definitely the most traveled street in town so that’s we’re all kind of looking forward to, is putting ourselves out there in the best way we know how,” Money Zone owner Jason Boyer said. 

Boyer also owns the strip mall itself. He bought it and decided to revitalize it.

The building hasn’t seen much use. It was only briefly inhabited before being abandoned by its tenants due to apparently being ill-cared for by the owner.

Boyer has done some of the things previous tenants had wanted — cut back trees that obscured the building, added better lighting to the outside, and painted the building. The awnings will be refabricated to go with the new paint Boyer has had put on the building. More signage has been added.

“Definitely moving forward with better advertising for the individual businesses,” Boyer said.

The structure was otherwise in good shape. 

“There really hasn’t been any vandalism to the property, which shocks me,” Boyer said. 

The doors — and locks — will be among the last things to be changed out.

The strip mall’s local inhabitants hope to close the doors on their current locations Saturday and open their new ones on Chestnut Street Monday.

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