Shear Effect celebrates anniversary

Lorna Carter at her business, Shear Effect, Friday. May 1 will be her 10th year in business at the salon.

Ten years ago May 1, Shear Effect owner Lorna Carter had finished her

Bachelor’s degree in management and ethics at Manhattan Christian

College, but she couldn’t find work.

Having cut hair for a living in the past and loved it, she decided to

take that back up again.

Carter was just looking for a booth at the salon she now owns, only to

find the owner was trying to sell it. Carter bought the business.

“If I lose I lose, if I don’t, I don’t,” she said.

She doesn’t seem to have lost, yet. Carter has kept Shear Effect

running for the past decade.

She has found doing hair and owning her own business to be a good fit

for her — she enjoys the social aspect of cosmetology more than

sitting around in an office all day and owning her own business

affords her a certain amount of freedom. She can take a vacation any

time she wants and she decides how many hours she works a week.

“You don’t have to worry about people lurking, or saying or doing

something all the time — nobody’s standing over you,” she said. “So

it’s more relaxing.”

The hardest thing for her business is the constant flow of soldiers

and their wives in — and more to the point — out of Junction City. She

has never struggled to find new clientele, she said, but she does find

herself having to draw new customers in more often.

Some of her best friends are people she met as clients.

She plans to celebrate her customers — and her decade in business —

April 29 with an open house from 5 until 7 p.m.

There will be hot dogs, chips, drinks, and giveaways during the open

house. Several of her clients have home businesses and they’ll

contribute to the giveaways.

Shear Effect offers hair colors and cuts — men’s cuts, women’s cuts,

clipper cuts, etc. — face and body waxing, manicures, and pedicures.

The salon’s hours are typically 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday and

Thursday, the business is open late until 9 or 10 p.m., Carter said.

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