Shrek coming to JCHS

Shrek the ogre, played by Jacob Childs, tries to force a group of fairy tale creatures out of his swamp during practice Tuesday. JCHS will put on "Shrek the Musical" Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7 p.m. in Settles auditorium. Tickets cost $5. Everyone is welcome to attend.

“Shrek” is a popular animated film from 2001 — it was so well-liked, it was adapted to the stage in the form of “Shrek the Musical.”

Junction City High School has chosen to perform “Shrek the Musical” for its spring production.

According to director Jennifer Brown, her students’ efforts have only improved with time.

“Every year, they just keep getting better and better,” she said.

This year, Brown and her students tried something different — they rented their costumes, which are modeled after the Broadway versions. Typically, the costumes are all homemade, with help from Ellen Westerhaus. Westerhaus has been instrumental in altering costumes even for this production.

Assistant vocal music director Annika Stucky said JCHS has also had a large dragon puppet made especially for the show. The puppet has to be operated by two people.

Adults and children alike can find something enjoyable in this musical. 

It’s also good for the students involved in the performance. It’s a learning opportunity.

It offers them a chance to practice their craft — whether music or acting — and build friendships with their fellow cast and crew.

Stucky said officials had chosen to put on “Shrek the Musical” especially to offer as many students as possible a chance to perform.

“We felt like had a really great depth of talent for this group of kids,” she said. “We had a whole lot of students that we felt like could really be strong on stage.”

The show takes place for three nights — March 9, 10, and 11 at 7 p.m. in Settles auditorium at JCHS.

Tickets cost $5 apiece. Call (785) 717-4263 or email to order tickets.

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