Six Junction City structures to be considered for demolition

There are holes, missing pieces, water damage and deterioration on exterior walls on the structure at 335 W. 15th St.

Junction City staff will look to demolish six structures deemed to be dangerous to the public.

City Codes Administrator Terry Johnson requested public hearing dates to address the condemnation of six structures during Tuesday night’s city commission meeting. Commissioners approved all requests, and will hold public hearings for them on Aug. 6. The structures targeted — which have all been found to have dangerous or unsafe conditions — included:

• A structure at 102 S. Webster St. The steel siding is loose on the north side of the structure, and its paint is peeling. The garage window on the structure’s north side is broken. All windows on the structure have exposed wood and need repainted. There is deteriorating facia and bare wood exposed. The soffits have peeling paint. The gutters are full of debris and water cannot correctly drain. The rear patio cover has collapsed and the framework is deteriorated.

• A structure at 125 E. Elm St. The foundation is deteriorated, causing the load walls to drop. There are holes in the siding, and several broken windows. Doors are unsecured, and framing has settle from deterioration. There is water damage throughout the roof, and the rear porch roof has fallen in. The soffit and facia has deteriorated, and the porch framing has failed due to damage. There is an accessory building there that meets the criteria of a dangerous or unsafe structure as well.

• A structure at 336 W. 17th St. The foundation is settling with large cracks. There is loose vinyl siding, holes in steel siding and deterioration. There are broken windows, and the framing around the doors and windows is deteriorated. There are no gutters, and the roof on the north side has fallen in and there is deterioration. The front porch is settling and deteriorated. A detached shed there is in worse shape than the primary structure.

• A structure at 523 W. 14th St. The foundation has settling, deterioration and has mortar missing. Exterior walls are missing pieces, have holes, deterioration and water damage. There are some missing windows and others that are broken. The frames on most of the windows are deteriorated. There are no gutters. The soffit and facia is deteriorated. The front porch landing slopes toward the structure, allowing water to drain against it.

• A structure at 324 W. 11th St. A detached shed located at 324 W. 11th St. is found to have dangerous or unsafe conditions. There doesn’t appear to be a foundation for this structure; it looks like there are just piers supporting the posts. There is water damage and rotten or deteriorated material. The windows have rotten framework, are broken and deteriorated. There are no gutters. The soffit and facia are deteriorating and rotten.

• A structure at 335 W. 15th St. There is deterioration, settling and mortar is missing on the foundation. There are holes, missing pieces, water damage and deterioration on the exterior walls. Windows are missing, and some are broken. The window frames are rotten and deteriorating. The roof is missing some shingles. There are no gutters. The soffit and facia are rotting. There is deterioration on the porches and decks.

The demolition of the structures will be funded through the demolition removal program in the city’s general fund, and $40,000 was budgeted for 2019 projects. Costs will be billed to the property owner of record.

City Manager Allen Dinkel noted that the city has the right to demolish structures immediately if they are found to be extensively dangerous.

“If the chief ever finds something dangerous, and they feel it to be a hazard to a neighborhood, they have the authority, under code, to order (immediate) tear-down without a hearing,” Dinkel said. “If there ever is something that is a total danger to worry about safety of the neighbors and kids, he does have that ability.”

Johnson said the department has torn down one small shed.

“Nails were everywhere,” Johnson said.

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