Spending 10 days at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson was certainly worth it — at least that’s what members of the Geary County Convention and Visitors Bureau say. 

CVB Executive Director Connie Hall estimated that more than 55,000 people were exposed to the booth at the State Fair, which ran from Sept. 9-18. Exposures were defined as someone 18 years of age or older walking by the booth and looking at the display. That came down to about 190 people being exposed to the booth every hour. 

Hall also estimated more than 6,000 people engaged with CVB staff during the 10-day event. Engagement is tracked as someone asking about information on Junction City and Geary County. 

Some days were better than others, Hall said at Tuesday’s CVB Advisory Committee meeting. Tuesday was a relatively slow day compared to others. 

“We did have some quality conversations with the few that were there, though,” she said. 

There were plenty of promotional materials available for fair-goers from Geary County. In fact, Hall said they ran out of Milford Lake maps and Milford Lake guides. More than 1,000 Geary County visitor’s guides and 500 Yellow Books were distributed throughout the event. 

“The conversations, sharing and word-of-mouth marketing creates and strengthens a positive buzz about us and businesses supporting the target market,” Hall said. 

During the course of the fair, attendees were encouraged to enter their name into a drawing for a Geary County gift basket.The basket included items from several local retailers and lodging partners, including the Hampton Inn, Thunderbird Marina, Flagstop Resort & RV Park, Acorns Resort, Coach’s Grill & Bar, F&S Electronics, Garden Gate Antiques and Beacon Marine. 

More than 1,000 people entered their name into the drawing. The winner, which was drawn Tuesday, was Terry Whitfield, of Winfield. 

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