Glenda Baker, owner of Steppin' Out

Steppin' Out owner Glenda Baker hangs merchandise on a rack in her shop. Baker will move her store from its current location on Washington Street to one on Chestnut Street in the next month or two.

Steppin’ Out will be stepping from its current storefront on Washington Street to 316 E. Chestnut St. in the near future.

Shop owner Glenda Baker hopes to shift her women’s clothing store to 316 E. Chestnut Street by February — March 1 at the latest.

Baker is familiar with the Chestnut Street location. Several years ago, Steppin’ Out was located in that particular strip mall. She moved her store to it’s current location in part because other businesses were leaving and also because the building needed work. 

Now, she said, the building is receiving the face-lift it needed before. The location’s current owner, Jason Boyer, is painting it, putting up new signs, and “just sprucing everything up,” Baker said.

“I like what they’re doing over there, I like that they’re revamping the building,” she said. “I felt like the building was sound when I was there and it just needed some work.”

She likes the location, too.

Chestnut Street is booming, right now. It’s a heavy-traffic area. 

Baker also hopes her neighbors — which will include Box and Ship and a Japanese restaurant, among other things — will draw new customers through her doors. She believes her current clientele will follow her to her new location. They followed her the first time, when she moved downtown.

Baker has no real complaints about her place downtown — she likes her building, her landlord, and especially her neighbors.

“I’ll definitely miss the people around me,” she said.

But she feels its best to return to Chestnut Street. It was just the right time to go.

Before, “if you got some lighting and you got something to attract the customers, they would come.”

She feels the location’s new owner will fix this problem.

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