In 2020, about half of the Military Affairs Council’s monthly breakfasts will take place at Acorns Resort at 3710 Farnum Creek Rd. outside Milford.

According to MAC Director Craig Bender, breakfasts in January through April of this year will take place in the usual location, at the Geary County Convention Center located at 310 Hammons Dr.

From May until September, however, the MAC breakfasts will take place at Acorns. In October, the monthly breakfasts will shift back to their usual location at Geary County Convention Center.

According to Bender, the hope is to highlight Geary County’s outdoors the summer months and to “get more involved in the community” by involving more businesses in the breakfasts.

“We wanted to make sure we highlighted the Milford Lake area during the summer months,” he said.

In the winter, Bender said, it’s safer to have the breakfasts in Junction City due to the potential for snow and icy weather and “for lack of daylight hours.”

“The last time we did one in the winter out at Acorns, people missed the exit,” he said.

Bender said he was not concerned that people would choose not to attend if the event was held outside of Junction City, due to the possibility of a longer drive for some participants.

The MAC held two of its breakfasts at Acorns in 2019 to gauge how many people would attend and he said there was still a good turnout.

“It was less than 10 percent different,” Bender said. “So I don’t think that mattered much.”

While he said the MAC was always looking at ways to save money, there were no plans, at this time, to move all of the breakfasts to Acorns on a permanent basis.

“Both are fairly comparable right now,” Bender said of Acorns and the convention center.

Costs to attend the breakfasts will remain the same.

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