Geary County Sheriffs Department

A deputy with the Geary County Sheriff’s Office and the Junction City Police Department were involved in an officer-involved shooting early Wednesday morning outside a residence at 425 W. Second St. in Junction City.

The incident took place early Wednesday morning after officers from the Geary County Sheriff’s Office and the Junction City Police Department responded to a 911 call. At around 2:45 a.m., officers responded to a 911 call from a woman who is a resident at 425 W. Second St. for a report of a domestic disturbance with shots fired.

According to the Kansas Bureau of investigations, which was called in to investigate the incident Wednesday, a preliminary investigation indicates officers established a perimeter around the residence after arrival at the scene. They called for the woman to exit the residence. She did so and was taken to safety.

Officers attempted to make contact with the armed male resident, who was identified as 70-year-old James Marsh. When Marsh exited the residence at about 3:20 a.m., he was armed with a shotgun. Marsh proceeded to open fire on the officers.

One sheriff’s deputy and one JCPD officer returned fire. Marsh was struck after which EMS responded. Marsh was treated and then transported to Storming Vail Hospital in Topeka, where he underwent surgery. Marsh is recovering in fair condition.

No law enforcement officers were injured during the shooting incident.

The KBI came in to assist with the case when, at around 4:10 a.m., JCPD officers called for assistance from the agency's Crime Scene Response Team (CSRT).

The KBI said its agency "will conduct a thorough and independent investigation into this shooting.”

Once the KBI has completed its investigation, its findings will be turned over to Geary County Attorney Krista Blaisedell for review.

For the time being, the investigation into the incident is still ongoing and no further information will be made available to the public.

Some residents may have noticed crime scene tape in the vicinity of Franklin Elementary School Wednesday morning.

The shooting incident took place nearby Franklin Elementary School, which is why there was crime scene tape located near the school Wednesday morning. Some areas of access around the elementary school were blocked during school hours Wednesday as KBI investigators worked the scene.

Unified School District 475 put out a statement Wednesday saying that no one who was involved in the shooting had any connection to the elementary school, nor did the shooting take place on school grounds.

"There is currently no concern for the safety of staff and students, and administrators will be cooperating with investigators to ensure that they are able to complete their investigation in a timely manner, and school operations can go back to normal as quickly as possible,” the district said.

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