Three local veterans awarded Quilts of Valor

David Drummond is awarded his Quilt of Valor Saturday at Junction City's Heritage Park.

Three local veterans were recognized for their service with Quilts of Valor Saturday.

Donna Martinson, coordinator of the Central Flint Hills Area Quilt of Valor project, spoke to visitors at Junction City’s Heritage Park.

“Quilts of Valor are stitched with love, prayers and healing thoughts by volunteer quilters,” Martinson said. “Some of the quilters are here this morning to honor and thank you. Over 80 quilt makers in the central Flint Hills area have donated their time, skills, and financial resources to honor and thank over 300 local veterans and service members.”

Two quilt recipients were nominated by Jay and Carlena Lindsey, while the third was nominated by his wife, Gayle Edmiston. The first quilt was presented to David I. Drummond. Drummond served in the U. S. Army in Vietnam. His active duty status was from 1968-1979, and his rank when leaving active duty was captain.

David K. Bradley was next to be honored. Bradley served in the Army in Vietnam. From 1965-1967, Bradley was an active duty soldier. He left service as a first lieutenant.  Kenneth Edmiston was the third veteran to be honored recipient. Edmiston also served in the Army in Vietnam. He also served as a chaplain, and served from 1966-1987. His rank at the time he left military service was major.

“On behalf of millions of grateful Americans, it is my honor to thank you for your service and sacrifice,” Martinson said.

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