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Commissioners Brad Scholz, Keith Ascher and Charles Stimatze sit together with CVB Director Michele Stimatze and others at the annual Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce dinner March 5.

Two of the three Geary County commissioners have tested positive for COVID-19, the third has an appointment to get tested this afternoon.

Commissioners Brad Scholz and Charles Stimatze, as well Stimatze’s wife Michele, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau director, all received positive test results on Thursday.

Commission chair Keith Ascher said he has made an appointment for his test. All three were present for Monday’s weekly, day-long commission meeting at the Geary County and at Tuesday’s candidate forum at the Junction City Municipal Building.

Ascher said he will try to set up the next county commission meeting on Zoom or Microsoft and will release more information after he has discussions with other county employees.

“I think we can pull it off,” he said. “It might be a very abbreviated meeting. We do plan to have some sort of semblance of a meeting on Monday.

Reports and agenda items that are not urgent can be put off until a later date. They can address any motions on the virtual platform.

The CVB will remain closed until further notice but for at least 10 days, which is the standard protocol per the Geary County Health Department, Michele Stimatze said.

As Thursday afternoon, the health department listed two new cases of the virus and on Friday, they listed one new case.

Wednesday, there were 14 news cases of the virus, according to the health department. The health department said most of these cases were family members and in close contact with the 11 new cases that were announced Monday.

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