This is the final installment in a series of USD 475 emloyees’ total compensation that were released earlier this year. This information was released by the district in response to a public records request.

SMITH, ROLINDA L, MS-Acad Readiness/Literacy Lab, $52,000.00

SNIPES, MARGARET M, Cook, $20,557.20

SNIPES, WILLIE T, Warehouse Supervisor, $33,760.00

SNIPES-REYNAUD, LAKELIE M, Elementary Classroom, $49,100.00

SOLIS, ASHLYN R, Paraprofessional, $16,388.54

SOLIS, BETTY L, Technology Operations Spec II, $38,495.55

SOMMERVILLE, ALISHA R, Paraprofessional, $18,279.24

SOPER, TAMI M, Head Secretary, $25,395.68


SOUGEY, CAMERON K, HS-Mathematics, $40,000.00

SOWELL, STEPHANIE J, Elementary Classroom, $45,250.00

SPARKS, LUAN, Director of Student Support Services, $101,116.17

SPENCER, MALIQUKA Z, Paraprofessional, $12,932.85

SPILLER, NIKKI M, MS-MTSS Behavior Support Spec, $57,550.00

ST. JACQUES, TUYET OANH, Paraprofessional, $17,621.24

STAATZ, CARYN E, Vocal Music Accompanist, $22,437.80

STACKLEY, HEATHER A, Special Education, $47,850.00

STALLWORTH, LUVERTA, Paraprofessional, $19,397.84

STANLEY, ELKE, Cook, $17,562.66

STASKAL, JANET L, MS-Social Studies, $53,200.00

STAUFFER, MARY CAY C, Director of Outreach Programs, $104,818.44

STEFFENS, ANDREA, Sec for Resource Ct and PLC, $22,359.68

STEIGER, KERRY JOHN, Elem-Physical Education, $53,200.00

STEIGER, REBECCA A, HS-Biology, $53,200.00

STEINBRING, JODY B, ELEM-Success for All Tutor, $65,000.00

STEINER, RANELL J, ELEM-Art, $45,150.00

STEPHENS, CATRINA M, Paraprofessional, $17,144.96

STEPHENSON, RUTH A, HS-Earth & Space Science, $44,700.00

STERLING, CAYDENCE Z, MS-Social Studies, $40,500.00

STEVENS, AMBER J, Behavior Intervention Strategist, $62,000.00

STEVENS, CHRISTOPHER A, HS-Algebra I, $51,500.00

STEVENS, DEBRA S, ELL Teacher, $65,000.00

STEVENS, DENISE A, Data Processing Clerk/Registra, $32,378.88

STEWART, MARIA I, EC Paraprofessional, $16,441.69

STICH, KIMBERLY, Early Childhood-Gen Ed, $42,803.70

STIVERS, PATRICK C, Student Support Monitor, $19,621.56

STOCKTON, LACY K, Special Education, $41,500.00

STORY, DANETTE L., MS-SPED Consultative Teaching, $63,550.00

STRANDE, MARY, Paraprofessional, $18,542.44

STRATHE, CAROL L, Gifted, $57,550.00

STRAUB, TAMMY L, School Nurse, $47,900.00

STRIGGOW, LOYCE CATHY, Elem-Title I, $65,000.00

STUCK, TIMOTHY R, Student Support Monitor, $23,477.44

STUCKY, ANNIKA M, HS-Vocal Music, $41,650.00

STUCKY, GRANT D, Elementary Classroom, $41,000.00

STUCKY, MEGAN NICOLE, Elementary Classroom, $46,100.00

STUDER, LEAH M, Elementary Classroom, $40,500.00

STURGES, BRIAN W, HS-Science, $50,850.00

SUMILE-SULLIVAN, ERICA, Paraprofessional, $17,752.84

SUTTER, JENIFER S, HS-Chemistry I, $47,550.00

SVITAK, TAMARA S, Psychologist, $71,279.00

SWARTS, ROBERT A, Cook, $21,153.44

SWARTZ, JULIE M, Elem-Vocal Music, $40,000.00

SWISHER, KASSANDRA N, Elementary Classroom, $40,000.00

SWITZER, PAMELA D, Elementary Classroom, $65,000.00

SWOYER, SAMUEL L, HS-Language Arts, $41,000.00

SYLVESTER, MELINDA, Special Education, $45,150.00

TANKALAVAGE, DIANNA G, Child Nutrition Secretary, $25,033.12

TANNER, JEFFREY A, High School Assist Principal, $82,110.92

TANNER, KRISTI K, Counselor, $65,000.00


TATUM, KARA P, HS-Language Arts, $40,000.00

TAYLOR, ELLEN I, Special Education, $40,000.00

TAYLOR, JEREMY L, Computer Technician, $40,000.00

TAYLOR, MATTHEW J, MS-Social Studies, $40,000.00

TAYLOR, THERESA, Cook, $17,469.55

TEETER, KATHI A, Elementary Principal, $78,303.52

TEMAAT, BREANNA C, Permanent Substitute Teacher, $19,894.17

TERRY, SHELIA D, Paraprofessional, $15,733.25

TERRY-WOOTEN, LISA M, Student Support Secretary, $24,901.28

TESTA, JODI A, Elementary Principal, $87,313.15

THACKER, NELL J, Elementary Classroom, $53,200.00

THIEROLF, CAROL L, Counselor, $63,550.00

THISSEN, KELLI K, Elem-Physical Education, $53,200.00

THOMAS, LISA L, Head Secretary, $24,571.68

THOMPSON, DOROTHEA L, Speech Pathologist, $71,279.00

THOMPSON, LAURA A, Speech Pathologist, $60,572.00

THORNTON, CLAUDIA A, Academy Secretary, $25,725.28

THRASHER, CLARK, MS-Science, $43,300.00

THRASHER, TERESA A, EC Paraprofessional, $18,213.44

THRUSH, TONYA J, Parent Educator, $47,704.80

THURMOND, JASMINE D, PE Aide, $7,696.92

TIGHE, AMY C, HS-Mathematics, $40,000.00

TIMMS, KATRINA R, Health Clerk, $22,561.12

TOALSON, GUINEVERE, Elementary Classroom, $40,500.00

TODD, CHELSEA K, HS-Language Arts, $43,300.00

TOMS, JILLIAN, Paraprofessional, $16,897.44

TORRES, BROOKE M, Early Childhood ELL, $41,500.00

TORRES, LORRIE A, Paraprofessional, $18,279.24

TORRES-WIGTON, LISA C, HS-Language Arts, $65,000.00

TORREZ, FRANCIS, EC Paraprofessional, $18,016.04


TRAXEL, VIRGINIA SUE, Elementary Classroom, $54,450.00

TRENARY, BENJAMIN P, MS-Social Studies, $48,750.00

TREVINO, TERHA A, Student Support Monitor, $11,375.84

TRUITT, KAREN R, SPED-Autism Coordinator, $65,000.00

TRUITT, LESLIE A, ARC Paraprofessional, $18,542.44

TURNER, ALEXIS T, Cook, $20,113.20

TURNER, ERIN M, Library Media, $49,100.00

TURNER, RODDAJIA I, SLP Assistant (Salaried), $36,000.00

TYLER, SARA J, Social Worker, $4,322.01

TYLER, SARA J, Counselor, $17,288.04

TYLICKI, AMANDA R, Bookkeeper, $28,748.16

UPHAM JR, KENNETH L, Elementary Principal, $83,125.00

UPHAM, DEANNA M, Paraprofessional, $17,160.64

UPHAM, JEANNIE, Library Media Secretary, $29,640.96

VACANTI, BRIANNA A, Asst to Coordinator of ECBG, $37,454.42

VALLEJO, GEORGE A, MS-Science, $41,500.00

VALLON, MELINDA J, Elementary Classroom, $65,000.00

VANNATTA, ELIZABETH A, Elementary Classroom, $53,200.00

VARNADO, MELODY, Elementary Classroom, $44,050.00

VARVEL, ALLIE R, Paraprofessional, $13,916.14

VASQUEZ, AVA, Paraprofessional, $17,621.24


VEGA, DENISE, ELL AIDE, $17,752.84

VILLAMOR, GLENNREY P, HS-Earth & Space Science, $65,000.00

VINSON, CASSANDRA C, ELL Teacher, $42,650.00

VOGEL, KAITLIN A, Elementary Classroom, $45,250.00

VOTAW, KIRSTEN, MS-Vocal Music, $40,000.00

VOTH, AMANDA L, MS-Reading Intervention, $63,500.00

VOTH, PETER, MS-Math, $40,500.00

VROMAN, RACHELLE, Paraprofessional, $17,094.84

WADDELL, SUSANNE M, Teacher Assistant, $17,687.04

WAGERS, GINA M, HS-Literacy Lab, $42,650.00

WAGMAN, MEAGHAN J.M., ARC Paraprofessional, $16,343.74

WAGNER, CASEY L, Paraprofessional, $13,969.69

WAINWRIGHT, KELLI A, Elementary Classroom, $40,500.00

WAIT, VERONICA J, Library Media, $51,750.00

WALKER, CHRISTINE E, Psychologist, $47,160.80

WALLACE, MONICA C, Elementary Classroom, $43,650.00

WALLIS, CHRISTINA R, Special Education, $46,150.00

WALLS, DEBRA K, Early Childhood-Gen Ed, $43,150.00

WALSH, JASON T, Special Education, $40,000.00

WALTER, JOHN M, HS-Yearbook, $42,650.00

WALTER, KRISTY B, Middle School Asst. Principal, $67,026.25

WALTER, YVONNE M, Paraprofessional, $16,153.48

WALTERS, MEGAN M, Counselor, $54,950.00

WARREN, YVONNE, Hall Monitor, $23,950.96

WASBERG, SARAH C, Elementary Classroom, $40,500.00

WASINGER, KELSEY R, Elementary Classroom, $46,150.00

WASYLK, KERRY L, Elementary Classroom, $46,800.00

WATERS, BETTY N, Head Secretary, $25,478.08

WATERS, RICHARD D, F/S Truck Driver, $20,929.04

WAUGH, KERRY A, MS-Instructional Coach, $49,650.00

WEBB JR, JAMES C.E., HS-Mathematics, $40,000.00

WEBB, CAITLYNN, Paraprofessional, $17,884.44

WEISER, MICHELLE L, Teacher Assistant, $20,815.36

WELCH, JESSICA, HS-SPED Resource Room, $42,650.00

WELCH, KELLY J, HS-Family and Consumer Science, $68,650.00

WELCH, MELISSA M, Paraprofessional, $17,375.89

WELCH, RACHEL E, Elementary Classroom, $40,000.00

WELLS, JEFFREY L, HS-Tech Ed/Industrial Arts, $65,000.00

WENDEL, CASEY N, Psychologist, $57,373.00

WESLEY, DEBRA, Kitchen Manager, $25,135.60

WESOLOSKI, TERESA L, Payroll Coordinator, $57,337.50

WESOLOSKI, THOMAS J, Principal-Larry Dixon Center, $76,292.23

WESTERHAUS, GRETCHEN G, Elementary Classroom, $53,200.00

WESTERHAUS, MATTHEW J, Athletic/Activities Director, $89,284.91

WESTERMAN, DENETTE, Paraprofessional, $17,621.24

WETKLOW, MICHELE P, Audiometric Clerk, $18,228.48

WEWER, PAULA K, Elementary Classroom, $65,000.00

WEWER, RANDY L, HS-Mathematics, $65,000.00

WEYER, KELSIE M, Elementary Classroom, $35,978.83

WHALEY, BELINDA L, Head Secretary, $36,704.00

WHALEY, MICHAEL W, MS-Math Strategies, $53,200.00

WHALEY, ROXANNE L, HS-Business, $65,000.00

WHEATON, JESSICA M, Elem-Physical Education, $44,050.00

WHISENANT, GENE J, Application Developer, $75,786.60

WHITAKER, AMY L, Title 1 Academic Aide, $17,573.29

WHITCOMB, SAMANTHA E, Early Childhood Special Ed., $44,050.00

WHITE, JADE R, Program Manager/Title l Clerk, $37,454.42

WHITE, JESSICA M, Paraprofessional, $17,639.09

WHITE, LINDSEY J, MS-Math, $44,650.00

WHITE, MEGAN, Paraprofessional, $17,752.84

WHITE, SHERRY A, HS-Behavior Strategies Classroom, $62,000.00

WHITE, SUSAN M, ELEM-Instructional Coach-Title I, $65,000.00

WHITEBREAD, AMANDA M, Behavior Intervention Strategist, $37,530.00

WHITLOCK, COLEEN K, Paraprofessional, $19,397.84

WHITTEN, BOBBY G, Student Support Monitor, $23,101.44

WHITTLE, HEATHER A, Student Support Monitor, $19,299.09

WHITTON, JESSICA E, ECH Paraprofessional, $16,700.04

WIEGAND, DANA J, Social Worker, $65,000.00

WIESE, ASHTYN M, ELL Teacher, $43,300.00


WILKERSON, JENNIFER M, Paraprofessional, $11,994.15

WILKINSON, CHRISTINA M, MS-Social Studies, $40,000.00

WILKINSON, PAMELA L, Elementary Classroom, $44,850.00

WILLEMS, CHELSEA G, Elementary Classroom, $42,650.00

WILLIAM, REBECCA R, Special Education, $44,650.00

WILLIAMS JR, HENSE, Student Support Monitor, $23,853.44

WILLIAMS, BRITTANY MARIE, Elementary Classroom, $41,500.00

WILLIAMS, JAMIE M, MS-Math, $40,000.00

WILLIAMS, JASMIN L, ELEM-SPED ARC Resource Room, $41,650.00

WILLIAMS, KATHRYN R, Counselor, $42,600.00

WILLIAMS, TIFFANY R, Elementary Classroom, $40,000.00

WILLIAMSON, DANA D, Elementary Assistant Principal, $75,825.12

WILSON, ASHLEY N, Certified Title 1 Tutor, $31,838.62

WILSON, LUCINDA S, Elementary Classroom, $53,200.00

WILSON, NORA J, HS-Tech Ed/Industrial Arts, $45,250.00

WILSON, SUSAN M, Paraprofessional, $16,675.12

WILTFONG, MARLIES M, Elementary Classroom, $44,000.00

WILTROUT, MELLISA M, HS-English, $40,000.00

WINGATE, MARIE L, Hearing Impaired Interpreter, $27,800.64

WINNIE, KATHRYN L, HS-Social Studies, $49,650.00

WITT, LORI D, Elem. Library Clerk, $21,794.48

WITT, MARY JANE J, Library Media, $65,000.00

WITT, SARA C, Elementary Classroom, $57,550.00

WIX, MARY A, Paraprofessional, $17,950.24

WOLF, CHADWICK W, MS-Math, $40,500.00

WOLF, NIKKI C, Secondary Security Specialist, $35,612.80

WOODCOCK, NICHOLAS A, Hall Monitor, $21,101.45

WOODCOCK, TINA, Para/Lunchroom Aide, $15,241.53

WOODS, BENJAMIN J, BSC Paraprofessional, $19,529.44

WOODS, MEGAN, Speech Pathologist, $55,838.00

WOOTEN-HERRON, JACQUELINE A, Elem. Library Clerk, $22,590.48

WRIGHT, BARBARA L, Special Education, $54,950.00

WRIGHT, MARY B, Assistant Principal-LDC, $74,117.50

WRISTON, ALISHA, ARC Paraprofessional, $18,279.24

WYLIE, MEAGAN M, HS-SPED Functional Speical Ed, $41,000.00

WYMAN, KRISTA, STEM Coach, $46,450.00

WYRILL, EMMALINE R, Special Education, $40,000.00

YARMIE, STEPHANIE J, Speech Pathologist, $52,889.00

YELDELL, JOHANNA K, Elementary Classroom, $43,450.00

YENNI, LESLIE A, ELL Teacher, $53,200.00

YORK, KRISTI R, Gifted, $65,000.00

YOUNG, ANN R, ELEM-Permanent Substitute, $53,200.00

YOUNGERS, CORTNEY A, Elementary Classroom, $43,300.00

ZABOKRTSKY, RACHAEL M, MS-SPED Functional Special Ed, $40,000.00

ZIEGLER, CHRISTINA F, Hearing Impaired Interpreter, $26,201.56

ZIEGLER, DANIELLE, Elementary Classroom, $40,500.00

ZIER, ANN L, SPED-Early Childhood, $46,750.00

ZIMMERMAN, RANDALL G, HS-Athletic Strength & Cond, $54,950.00

ZINK, TANYA M, Paraprofessional, $9,474.15

ZIPP, CASEY S, Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator, $34,678.40

ZOLNEROWICH, BRANDYS S, Clinical Instruction, $65,000.00

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