Tyrone Wilkens, Executive Administrator of Valley View, sent this out Tuesday afternoon:

Dear Valley View Senior Life Residents, Families and Responsible Parties:

We are writing to update you on the current status on Valley View Senior Life.

As mentioned from the beginning, we are being transparent in our communications. This past weekend, as a precautionary measure, we have screened residents at Valley View Senior Center for COVID-19; unfortunately, we received positive results for multiple residents.

The Valley View Senior Life Management Team has implemented protocols that includes

limiting movement here at Valley View Senior Life to help prevent further/potential exposure.

We understand this update may be unsettling, but we will continue to take every precaution as we can. You are probably aware the CDC guidance indicates the virus can take up to 14-days after exposure for an individual to start showing signs and symptoms. We have resources in the building and have provided additional ongoing instruction/education to employees. One of these steps is monitoring residents every shift for COVID-19 signs and symptoms. If other residents display symptoms, the management team and care staff will work with the resident's physician and family for care.

We have appropriately notified KDHE, Geary County Health Department, Geary County

Emergency Services and CMS.

We will continue to update you on any changes. If you have any questions, please call 785-762-2162 or email us at: twilkens(fi.vvseniorlife.com.

Geary Community Hospital Chief Executive Officer Frank Corcoran told Geary County Commissioners Monday there had been a spike of COVID-19 cases at Valley View Senior Life, an assisted living facility.

Corcoran said GCH was working with Valley View to help them handle what he called a “spike” in virus cases there.

He was unable to provide any further information on the Valley View outbreak including the number of residents infected with the virus, but instead deferred to Valley View officials to answer further questions.

Valley View Director of Marketing Melissa Tyson had not responded to questions at press time.

What Corcoran was able to speak about was the COVID-19 situation at GCH.

He said there were multiple patients hospitalized at GCH. One of them is in the Intensive Care Unit and the others are being housed in the medical surgical wing of the hospital.

While COVID-19 numbers are up across the county, Corcoran said he GCH was fully staffed and had a crisis management staffing plan in place “should it ramp up."

“The numbers are up, but the hospital will remain, I think, in decent shape,” he said.

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