USD 475 third graders learn about livestock at Ag Day

Third graders from Unified School District 475 are pictured learning about various 4-H initiatives.

Approximately 600 Unified School District 475 third graders schools attended the annual third grade Ag Day this week at the Geary County Senior Center. 

Students had an opportunity to learn about the agriculture industry, crops, livestock and 4-H. Volunteers with 4-H said many kids have a disconnect with the food they eat. Children often aren’t aware of the hard work it takes to get food on their tables. It is difficult for children to visualize food coming from anywhere but the grocery store. 

The purpose of Ag Day is to educate children in hopes of helping them realize the importance of farming and agriculture. Third graders were chosen to participate in the annual event because that is the age in which children really begin to absorb and form questions that help then better understand how things work. 

Students watched demonstrations for animals including dairy cows, beef cows, chickens, soybeans, erosion and horticulture, among others. Volunteers set up booths for children to learn about different subjects. Volunteers brought their own projects, including livestock, crops and other educational items to present to students. Kids were then able to ask questions and receive information from individuals who have first-hand experience in 4-H and other agricultural practices. 

Members of 4-H said Ag Day is one of the most beloved events of the year. Often times, 4-H members in Geary County see a peak in interest to join 4-H from children who attend Ag Day. According to volunteers, people can be as active in 4-H as they choose to be, regardless of available finances. Some individuals only have the means take on gardening projects, while others have the ability to take on larger-scale projects that involve livestock. 

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