Unified School District 475 is already preparing itself for summer.

Not summer vacation, but summer school.

Assistant Superintendent Lacee Sell spoke at a recent meeting about the district’s summer school program.

Programs planned for this summer include an early childhood summer literacy camp that will last for three weeks and serve as an extension of the regular school year. There will be a reading programs for students in kindergarten through fourth grade who are below where they should be by the end of the year.

“For kindergarten through fourth grade, we will work to identify students that are below level in reading,” Sell said. “And we will pull those students out for extra services while we’re offering an enrichment program for the other students.”

There will be enrichment opportunities for all students, according to Sell.

“We’re working on application for teachers to develop activities within our scope of the Kansas college and career readiness standards,” she said.

At both of the districts middle schools, there is a transition program and a summer school program called “the jumpstart program.”

The transition program will allow exiting fifth grade students specifically to help these sixth-graders-to-be acclimate.

“We know that they don’t want to hang out in elementary school anymore because they’re ready for middle school,” Sell said.

The Jumpstart summer school program will be offered in July.

It will be “working with social and academic needs, for those kiddos that have been identified that might be just a little more than the traditional transition program,” Sell said. “Both locations will offer an academic summer school, (for) those students that need that true remediation, where they might be below grade level or they haven’t had the success they need in certain classes to provide extra instruction for them during this time.”

At Junction City High School, she said, the district hopes to provide a variety of summer school programs for students.

“Credit delay, credit recruitment, early graduation,” Sell said. “We offer ELO classes. This summer we’re going to be adding an ACT boot camp to help our students get prepared for some better prep for the ACT. Then also we have the traditional band camp and orchestra program and the summer instrumental programs that we offer at the high school.”

She broke down the expenses for these programs. The elementary school level programs will come to a cost of about $173,434, the middle school programs will come to a cost of about $32,024, and the JCHS program will come to about $59,583. The total cost of the summer school program will be about $264,997, which the board voted unanimously in favor of approving after some discussion.

“I appreciate this detailed and thorough review of what is necessary to provide the necessary tool for students to be successful, even beginning with pre-k,” board President Rina Neal said.

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