Unified School District 475 members continued exploring the feasibility of creating a contract through SourceAmerica, which could include a partnership with the Brevard Achievement Center — a nonprofit organization — during a special school board meeting Thursday.

SourceAmerica has been identified as a partner to find a suitable agency to find a nonprofit organization that could conduct maintenance jobs as well as custodial services for the school district. The company has identified the Brevard Achievement Center as a possible candidate.

“We’re not at a point of making a final decision,” Chief Operating Officer David Wild said. “But we are at a point of recognizing that these entities are incurring costs in proposal development.”

Board members voted four to two, with board Vice President Anwar Khoury and Rina Neal voting against the initiative (David Walker was not present) to continue working with SourceAmerica  to create a statement of work that will accurately reflect requirements and expectations of a quality assurance program and contract points. The timeline to award a contract is set for no later than May 1, 2019, so that a 60-day transition period is allotted between a nonprofit and the current custodial service provider, allowing services to begin July 1. During Thursday’s meeting, Khoury inquired why costs were incurred with SourceAmerica in the first place if no decisions had yet been made, and asked what the cost was.

“They just came to tell us about themselves. I don’t understand why there’d be any costs with that,” Khoury said. 

Wild said the current cost is not known at this time, and that SourceAmerica had gone through an entire source selection process.

“There has been a great deal of work done to date, and my expectations are they will not file claim,” Wild said. “But my obligation as a business guide is to inform (the board) there may be a claim. It would be nominal. I wouldn’t expect it to exceed anywhere near $25,000, but certainly they are incurring costs.”

Rina Neal said the direction of the board hasn’t been totally clear as to what members expect from the process.

“I think we, as a board, need to think about our policies in terms of how we bid things out,” Neal said.

The contract would include rights of first refusal for incumbent employees, transitional furnished equipment and district recognition of the current collective bargaining agreement with incumbent custodial staff. 

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