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Christine Terry (left) helps Vernon's Custom Jewelry owner Stephanie Anderson pack some jewelry cleaner Thursday afternoon. The business will be moving early next year across Washington Street.

Operations at Vernon’s Custom Jewelry in Junction City shouldn’t miss a beat as the company changes locations early next year. 

One of the staples of the downtown business district, Vernon’s will move from 716 N. Washington St. to the former Price Breaker building at 703 N. Washington St. next month. 

The new store will be in the same vicinity of a former Junction City landmark. Flower Jewelers was located at the corner of Seventh and Washington streets.

Owner Chris Anderson hopes to have the new location open Feb. 1, just in time for Valentine’s Day, but the business won’t be closed while officials move. 

“It’ll just take a long, tiring weekend,” Anderson said with a smile. “We’re excited. My wife (Stephanie) is definitely excited to make it ‘ours’.” 

The jewelry store has been at its current location for a little more than 10 years. However, Anderson described the setup in the store as “simple,” and moving across the street will allow them to do some custom renovations. 

“Now, we can do it the way we want it,” he said. 

They expect it’ll take approximately six to seven weeks to remodel the new facility, and have every intention of being open “full-blown” by Valentine’s Day for sure. They could have arranged to move sooner, but Anderson didn’t think the timing would be right. 

“Moving during this time would be bad,” he said. 

Though the overall storefront will decrease slightly, the services Vernon’s will be offering won’t change. In fact, Anderson may be looking to purchase a CNC machine and the related software next year, something that would allow more precise molds of custom designs. His staff could take an image and upload it into the software, and the CNC machine would cut a precise wax from that image. 

“The customer can see what it looks like before it’s ever made,” Anderson said. 

He also recognizes the importance of staying downtown. At times, Anderson said some have tried to attract him to move to other locations in Junction City, such as on Chestnut Street, but his upbringing won’t let him do that. 

“I grew upstairs in downtown Salina,” Anderson said. “Downtown is a part of me. I just wouldn’t feel right leaving downtown.”

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