Wasmund highlights Second Brigade training during MAC breakfast

Todd R. Wasmund spoke at the Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce's monthly MAC breakfast Thursday morning.

The Military Affairs Council held its monthly breakfast Thursday morning, and U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Todd R. Wasmund was the featured speaker.

Wasmund arrived at Fort Riley last May after being deployed in Poland. He talked about how the base is a great place to train, and appreciates the warm spirit the community has shown he and his wife. 

Wasmund is from Centerville, Ohio, and was commissioned as a field artillery officer following his graduation from the U.S. Military Academy in 1991. He is currently serving as the 1st Infantry Division deputy commanding officer (support) at Fort Riley. He serves as the deputy commanding officer of the Mission Command Element for Operation Atlantic Resolve in the support of U.S. Army Europe. The Atlantic Resolve began in 2014, and is comprised of about 84 people. Wasmund talked about his division, and how busy troops are and will continue to be. 

Wasmund also talked about the Second Brigade. He said the Second Brigade went through Gauntlet training in January and did a great job. He reiterated that there is simply no place like Fort Riley for that kind of training. Soldiers also accomplished an important feat; they achieved a safety record unlike anything he has seen. Among the more than 4,000 soldiers who participated, there were only 25 minor accidents reported. Wasmund is pleased with the quality of training and leadership that Fort Riley provides for its soldiers, which helped ensure great results for the Second Brigade. 

Wasmund also talked about the achievements at the base’s hospital; being certified with a preventative medicine credential, which has a positive effect on the community.

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