Geary County commissioners granted approval for the Community Corrections office to acquire grant funding during Monday’s meeting. 

Community Corrections — which operates under Kansas’ Eighth Judicial District — serves Geary, Dickinson, Marion and Morris counties. Community Corrections Director Chrysann Phipps proposed three different budgets to commissioners Monday. Phipps also sought approval to acquire state grants that could be allocated into the 2020 budget. Commissioners voted to approve all three budgets and state funding. 

Phipps said the Community Corrections office is lobbying for increased funding because some criminal offense charges — including Driving Under the Influence — have decreased. And, although the services the Community Corrections office provides have benefitted as a result of the decrease in criminal offense charges, the fines associated with them help fund the office. With the decrease in charges, Community Corrections officials must find additional funding.

Community Corrections provides intensive supervision and surveillance, Phipps said. Strict supervision of offenders is a cornerstone for the office. Community Corrections offers services for adult and juvenile offenders who would otherwise be incarcerated in state facilities. 

Phipps said the services Community Corrections provide are a swift and certain response to a violation. 

“We are all about wanting the offender to change,” Phipps said.

Care needs stem from the common goal of evaluating cognitive behavior in order to determine the best course of action to promote change. According to Phipps, the office’s budget is allocated between adult care needs and juvenile care needs.

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