Spring is coming and in the Game of Membership, you win or you don’t. You don’t die, but you don’t win, which might be just as bad.

It’s nowhere near as deadly as the Game of Thrones, but the Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce’s new membership event — called Game of Membership — is competitive.

According to Chamber Member Relations Director Amy Garner, the project’s goal is to bring new members into the Chamber’s ranks.

“It’s a very relationship-based type of event where people utilize the relationships they have with businesses they work with to talk to them about being part of it,” she said. “And then ultimately, they do the same thing when they’re talking to them about becoming a member.”

There’s no cold calling involved, Garner said, and no lists of potential recruits to pass around.

“Basically, what they do is they say, okay, who are the people that you do business with, that aren’t part of the chamber right now and talk to them about what it means to be a chamber member,” she said.

Each chair recruits captains who also recruit team members.

According to Garner, several of the people involved have not been involved much with the Chamber in the past.

The goal is to bring in at least 201 members.

Garner said she’s not a hardcore Game of Thrones fan herself, but she loved the idea of the event’s sub-theme — Spring is Coming, echoing the theme of the popular show’s first season, “Winter is Coming.”

She thought it was fitting, seeing as the main part of the event takes place the week of Feb. 18 through 20. It’s also, to her, a metaphor for what she hopes will be the end of a dry spell for the Chamber. The end of winter in more ways than one.

“We’re getting on the outside of that and springs coming, we’re growing the chamber, we’re becoming a new community, and rebuilding our business community,” Garner said. “So I’m excited about that. So I felt like all of that kind of coming together just seemed like a lot of fun.”

The evening of Feb. 20 the event wraps up and a celebration will take place at the C.L. Hoover Opera House where awards will be handed out to those who performed well during the event.

So far, Garner said, a lot of people have expressed interest in the event.

“I feel like there’s been a lot of success,” Garner said.

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