A witness testified that a Junction City man accused of murder pointed a gun at him in a separate incident during a hearing this week.

Fontelle N. Jolly appeared in Geary County District Court Thursday. Jolly has been charged with the murder of Felix Snipes and the attempted murder of Cartavius King in relation to a shooting that occurred on Aug. 31, 2018, in Junction City. But Geary County Attorney Krista Blaisdell called witnesses to the stand Thursday in relation to an alleged incident that occurred on June 13, 2018.

Blaisdell called William Lemieux, Emily Azbarea and Daniel Henry as witnesses during the hearing. Azbarea and Henry have been in a relationship since August 2017, according to Azbarea, and the two were at Lemieux’s Junction City apartment near Parkside Drive on June 13, 2018. When they departed the apartment, Azbarea said she was in the street when she saw a car approaching.

“A Nissan Altima drove by, and my boyfriend told me to get on the sidewalk so I wouldn’t get hit,” Azbarea said.

Henry said he recognized the driver of the car as Jolly, who he had previously lived with.

“My girlfriend was walking across the street, and Jolly came speeding down the street,” Henry said. “I yelled and told him to slow down.”

Azbarea said the car stopped in front of Henry, who said Jolly then pointed a black and silver gun at him.

“He pulled out a gun from under his seat, and pointed it at me,” Henry said. “He said, ‘You know what it is,’ when he pointed the gun at me.”

Henry said he and Jolly had some bad blood between them, and that their living arrangement did not end well.

Azbarea said she saw the black and silver gun as well. After pointing the gun at Henry, she said Jolly pulled over.

“Fontelle Jolly got out, opened his trunk, put something in the trunk, talked to a few people and sped off,” Azbarea said. “I was nervous. I’m not easily scared, but I was worried.”

The couple called the police, and Junction City police officer Kyle Hagen responded. Hagen was also called as a witness Thursday. He said he responded to the call at about 7:20 p.m., then went to Jolly’s residence after 10 p.m. He arrested Jolly, and searched his residence, he said.

“I found a Ruger 40-caliber handgun, black and silver,” Hagen said. “And a box of 40-caliber ammunition.”

Hagen presented the gun and ammunition as evidence Thursday. Attorneys are expected to call additional witnesses in the case. Jolly’s next hearing is scheduled for May 16 at 1:30 p.m.

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