Xclusive Nutrition opens up

Brandon Munger, manager of Xclusive Nutrition, inspects a jar of protein powder for sale in the newly-opened shop at 127 South Washington St.


clusive Nutrition began with a desire to fill a need.

Friends Brandon Munger and Daniel Fowler found themselves in need of a little protein to go with their workout, only to discover there was no place in Junction City to buy nutritional supplements, they decided to open their own store.

Xclusive Nutrition, which is located at 127 South Washington St. and held its grand opening Jan. 28, currently sells the basics right now — supplements, snacks, protein powders, etc.

“Basically anything for pre-workout, intro-workout, recovery, and then building muscle, lean muscle, fat burners — just the basics of everything right now,” Munger said.

However, he and Fowler want to expand as time goes on.

They would like to add a smoothie bar one day, and it’s possible they could branch out into writing workout plans and nutrition coaching.

“Diet is number one,” Munger said. 

They don’t offer magic bullets or cure-alls — just assistance for those who want to stretch the results of their diets and workouts a little further.

Xclusive Nutrition hopes to carry items shoppers won’t find in larger chain stores.

Fowler has spent a great deal of time “just doing research about companies that have good ingredients, or some more natural products — but more potent, so less fillers.” 

Xclusive Nutrition is a brand in and of itself — Fowler owns the trademark on the company.

“We’re the only local (nutrition) company around,” he said. “Some people think some of these other stores in Manhattan or other places are local companies, but they’re chain locations that they franchise out.”

There will be something available for beginners and experts. As an expert of sorts himself, Fowler said he’d gladly help anyone who needs it and is willing to listen.

Munger manages the store and Fowler owns it. Fowler is the mastermind behind the business and he’s more qualified than most to talk about nutrition. 

He has a several advanced degrees in the field and currently works at Via Christie in Wichita.

At Via Christie, he runs a wellness program for people coping with certain serious illnesses — cancer, COPD, diabetes, etc. — including workouts and nutritional coaching. This is part of why he’s capable of helping both experts and beginners — he has spent the past three years working with people who need the basics first.

It’s quite a commute to come to Junction City from Wichita, but it’s one he makes on the weekends so he can work at Xclusive Nutrition.

He’s looking to move here eventually — Fowler grew up in Wakefield and he still has family there.

“My long-term plan is to migrate back there one day,” he said. “Me starting this store was kind of the first step in that direction.”

It might seem like Fowler’s slightly overqualified, but he deeply enjoys owning Xclusive Nutrition. 

“I’ve put a lot of hours into it, but it doesn’t really feel like work to me,” he said. “Even when I’m at the store, I don’t feel like I’m working because I get the chance to meet so many people.”

He enjoys helping people achieve their health goals — for him it’s more about providing what people need to live long, fruitful lives than about vanity.

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