Vote in Primaries

This week, The Daily Union began preparations for coverage of the Aug. 1 Primary, where 10 candidates will vie to move on to the Nov. 7 General Election to fill three vacated seats on the Junction City Commission. Nicholas Albritton, Heinrich Biggs, Tim Brown, Michael Gray, Bob Henderson, Michael Morris, Lawrence Ruiz, John-Charles Silva, Jarrod Toothman and Jeff Underhill are all seeking your vote.

Three of them will sit next year — along with current Mayor Phyllis Fitzgerald and Vice Mayor Pat Landes — as your representatives on the City Commission.

In order to vote in the Aug. 1 Primary, citizens of Junction City must be registered at the County Clerk’s Office by closing time on Tuesday, July 11. County Clerk Rebecca Bossemeyer is keeping the office open until 6 p.m. Monday and 7 p.m. Tuesday for your convenience.

Yesterday, we posted a notice on our Facebook page to remind readers to register. Someone commented on the post asking for information about the candidates. We’ve written sparingly on the candidates thus far, simply informing the public of each candidate’s entry into the race, but we have plans to make sure you’re up to speed before Aug. 1.

And we believe it’s critical that you take time to register and vote in this primary and in the general election. A voting majority of Junction City’s governing body is up for grabs. This election stands as a possible defining moment in the history of this community. With the ever-present question of how to lead Junction City into prosperity possibly never more relevant, citizens have an opportunity to stand up and decide who will speak for them on critical issues affecting their economy, safety and well-being. It has been written before in The Daily Union, but it bears repeating that this primary — and especially the general election — could define the course of Junction City for years or even decades.

Only the Commission candidates are on the ballot Aug. 1, but on Nov. 7, school board seats and the new high school bond will be up for consideration. Whatever your opinion is on any of these issues, we encourage you to register and make your voice heard. As we’ve written before, democracy — which this country rightly holds so dear — means nothing without votes. And nowhere else in the American democratic system does a voter hold more power than in a local election. So, make sure you’re registered by July 11, and don’t let your voice go unheard.

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