No one fights alone

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to talk with the Stroda family and capture the perseverance they exhibit during Brandon’s fight with Melanoma.

Quite possibly the quote that epitomizes the Strodas’ attitude toward the fight was the simplest — “We refuse to let it win.”

We, in my opinion, refers to more than just the Stroda family — it refers to the Junction City community.

Throughout the Strodas’ fights with cancer, the Junction City community was there to support the family in every way possible — whether it be through donations of money or services. The Strodas refused to let cancer win, and in turn, the Junction City community refused to let cancer win.

That’s the mentality we all should have in our everyday lives.

As individuals, we should refuse to let the roadblocks stand in our way.

It’s easy to say “I give up” when something impedes our everyday lives, but when we do that, we’re letting that roadblock win.

And we shouldn’t be content with letting our opponents win.

And as a community, we need to rally around the people who need our help most. Not because we HAVE to, but because we WANT to.

It is actions like the support of the Stroda family that make this community stronger.

When we band together to support a common good, we can defeat anything — no matter how big or small.

Though Brandon Stroda ascended into heaven this week, I think it’s safe to say that cancer did not win this battle.

And that battle, fight and drive to beat cancer is something that will not be forgotten by anyone — not tomorrow, not next week, not in this lifetime or the next.

ALIX KUNKLE is a regular contributor to the Junction City Daily Union in Junction City, Kan.

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