To the editor:

Well here we are at the end of 2017, and Junction City, just could not bury the ax. So here we go again

On the front page of the Daily Union showing us the shadow and not the problem. It has always been the government administration of this City that has put us where we are. Interesting enough we have three commissioners leaving and the new ones coming in as history repeats itself. What this city does not hear about is the truth of every matter, of course this is rampart everywhere since people are afraid of truth, sadly though if they only knew it is truth that makes us who we are. Look at it as a rudder on a ship without it you are lost and in trouble.

Our property at 1023 West 8th street is being condemned again, however this has been the third time that our properties have been condemned. Of course right before our campaign, we made the front page again and of course my campaign was over. To make matter worse before that, I spent time on the First Response give honor to whom honor is due. So I was caught up in the perfect storm along with all the pending litigation and so on. People in this city are stirred and starting to see the light of

This particular matter, some mentioned it sound like a witch hunt of which it is as the truth will come out. Some are wondering why another law suit. We have been owed hundreds of thousands since our last Mayor Mick wunder. Please rest assure we been waiting since 2005 for retribution and restitution and the good part is the insurance company will pay us when we win. It is commanded of us to fight for our sons and daughters, wife and our houses and land. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. This city is under investigation and has been. There are friends and foes, so lets look at the friend side of things. As a citizen it is my duty to not only fight for my proper taxes and rights, but also to love my

Neighbor as I love myself. Through the years of owning several pieces of property, I have found that this city is over charging the citizens for certain taxes and have pretended that they are charging fair tax. This important subject has been brought up to the commissions and the city several times, but when you like darkness more than light they think it is easy to hide in. Enough lets hear the truth of the matter no 1 is to fear God and keep his commandments everything else will fall into place and the truth will set you free. Now back to the ranch, Please understand that what is written is written and of course we must examine both sides of the story. The paper failed to say that the city condemned the property in July and there will be not electric service until the city approves it and sends out the paper work to them.  No matter how much time they claim to give us to take care of blight, if the codes person of which in this case is Mark Carmen the electric will not be turned on. Mr. Karmann’s office also gave us a building permit that is good until March of next year. So there you have it, the city has you wrapped around their finger. How can two walk together if they cannot agree. Please let us sit down and

Reason together. How can I work with any department in this city if you are told one thing and that they will take care of it and then turn around and deny or make matter even worst, stand behind a podium and make false statements that they know is not true. This city is trying to bury their mistake because they sold a condemned piece of property then had the nerve to hold it against us because in good faith tried to mitigate the property or maintain it. The property was tied up in court along with several other pieces of property and until this date the title is wrong, and what we paid is wrong and the description is wrong. Now thank God we won the case and several thousands of dollars latter and this city is laughing all the way to the bank. Well enough is enough as I mentioned before just as Mr. Scott Johnson mentioned Katie Logan is no good for this city. If you don’t believe me just look at the path of destruction here. Yes there is a pattern here these world class attorney’s out of KC does not care about Junction City but only how to line their pockets as we have great attorney’s right here in Junction City that can do a better job. I suggest we have an ADHOC over the commission and this city to insure that the things they are doing are things that they are willing to be held accountable for, or at least have a two is better than one mentality. I will continue to fight the good fight because it is worth saving this city from all of

The corruption and destruction that a waits at the end if we do not stop the bleeding. Yes I have legal grips and thank God for the legal system, as there is fairness in it and it is getting better as people get wiser. Stand up and fight for what is right and stand together and stand tall for Junction City. Because I am just one person and nobody helping all these years as it has been by the grace of God we made it this far. We still have a ways to go, but soon we will arrive at our destination and the final outcome, that we can have a better and more prosperous and blessed place to live on this holy mountain Junction City.

Larry Ruiz

Junction City

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