ell here we are at the beginning of 2018, and Junction City still, just could not bury the ax. So here we go again with the gloves off.

It is very plain to see that the past commissioners and present do not want to face truth in reference to the wrongful condemnation of our property located at 1023 West Eighth St. in Junction City.

I will not rehash all the details but only make some clarifications in order to keep all interested parties advised correctly and to inform everybody of what is in the forecast in light of this present issue.

Mr. Larry Ruiz attempted to get on the agenda to speak to the new commissioners, however to no avail and to make matters worse, when this was brought to the city managers attention he rudely hung up the phone on him. Because there is a five minute general comments before each new meeting, Mr. Ruiz

Again tried to unsuccessfully get his point across that the new commission that they should not be hasty in their decision and at least hear the other side of the story to save the city time and money. Many things that were said was not published, so hopefully I can accomplish this with some time and space and the good graces of the Daily Union as they have always tried to be fair with everybody and put their best foot forward in getting us the best and updated information, and for that I thank you Maria and your staff.

Procedure is very important and if it is not followed meticulously and systematically in the legal system it will cost you big time and ignorance is no excuse. One must painstakingly approach with wisdom and tack being very wise and prudent in the matter and being fair using wise jurisprudence carefully in each instance. So with this being said, Mr. Ruiz lawsuit was filed and the city gave no response accept by way of the city prosecutors office of which could not be considered because he is a city employee.

At our my last hearing with the Honorable Judge Ryan Rosuaer, I was told that the lawsuit served was not served correctly and that the paperwork had to be resubmitted accordingly and that it must be done before a Jan. 8 2018 deadline or the case will be dismissed. The lawsuit was served for the second time on Dec. 6 2017 to the Clerk of Junction City according to Supreme Court Rule. After a period of time Mr. Ruiz went down to the clerk of the court to check the dockets only to find that the case was dismissed. The only way I even found out about the case was because I took the time to go to the Jan. 18 2018 commissioners meeting to make my public comments. Anybody familiar with procedures will tell you that once an entity is served by the sheriff of which by the way they handled very professionally, until it arrived at the the court house for notification and filing of the records. By law the court house suppose to send out a copy to the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff then makes sure a certified copy is on record. A claim that two notices was sent out as one was supposingly sent out to our place of business and our personal residence never happened. With all fairness to the Honorable Judge Ryan Rosuaer, he was to have a copy of the sheriffs return of the certified summons on record with the court of which he never received either. To make matters worse Mr. Ruiz was never notified by the judge that his case was dismissed or if there was going to be a hearing.  After a trip to the court house, it did show up on the dockets that there was a hearing that I never attended of which makes sense since I never received notice. So there you have it and now this case is in the appeals court as Mr. Ruiz is  protesting every adverse decision wrongfully made against him and his properties.

Because of all the inferences brought to the attention of the citizens of Junction City, it is quite reasonable to believe that he is not well like by some city officials. The sad part about the whole conclusion of the matter is that they will go to the extent they are going spending tax payer’s money to prove they are right, when all they have to do is leave us be and attend to the weightier matters instead.

Mr. Larry Ruiz put lots of work into the structure, only to be stopped by the city and put off for months until we could finally get a building permit. A new electrical service was installed and new water service along with a new gas service. The front elevation to the left of the building was restructured with cripple studs insulation and tyvex, then covered with plywood and the shingles put on last. The whole back portion of the roof was rebuilt also since a tree feel on the house during a storm. The inside was also worked on especially the kitchen area. New cabinets had been purchased along with the sink and counter tops. The floor has been purchased and the kitchen floor prepared for the new floor. These cost must also be reimbursed to the home owner in the event a wrongful condemnation goes forward.

The appeals process will cost the city anywhere from 30-50 Thousand dollars, so those of you that are against Mr. Ruiz and what he is standing for, make sure you witness this expensive condemnation process as you are paying for it. All he ask is that he be heard and treated fairly in these matters.

Pastor Lawrence M. Ruiz (Larry)

Executive Chief Board of Directors

Victory of Israel Apostolic Ministries

To the country of India

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