To the editor: 

The elections are over, thank God!

One thing everyone in America needs to learn  is that  we are at our best when we are ruled from the center, not the ultra left, not the ultra right but the center. World War II proved that.

And now the big question is how did Trump do it?

This is a call to revolution and the Trump Administration does not have much time to turn this government around. I lost one country in 1938 I do not want to lose another. Trump, like my favorite two presidents of all time, FDR and Truman, might just surprise us and succeed.  

He  has already succeeded without spending much money, with almost no organization. In Florida Trump had one office, Clinton had 51. Go figure. This election was like a tea kettle ready to blow up and we had better all pay attention. All nations have room for a certain amount of mistakes and stupidity; we have reached the limit. No more mistakes or we will seal our future survival, please believe me on this.

All the self introspection comes down to this, we need to get back to being governed from the  center. I personally hope and pray that Trump will be able to enforce term limitation on both houses of Congress. We need to clean out our colleges and Universities, not by throwing more money at them so that they can build fancy new buildings, but get the ultra left out of there and give our kids a fair chance to decide. It really is the only answer to our survival. There is no other solution. Ladies and Gentlemen, our future survival as a nation rests on this. The Democrats want to move further to the left. It was a safety net, today it is a party of redistribution. The  Democrats moving further to the left would be a disaster for this country. Why can’t we ever learn from the European Experience? People ... we still have a choice, or do we?

Tom Wayne

Junction City

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