To the editor:

Since I see many people sometimes take our Freedom for granted, I will put it in my perspective. 

Since we celebrate two holidays this month, I do both honor the Veterans and be thankful for my freedom. 

Many thanks for the veterans who took the orders to liberate Europe June 6, 1944,even  though most did not even know what they were in for.

Many thanks for the veteran who told my Grandpa, that he needs to get up early and which line he needs to be in, so he could be a POW in France instead of Russia.  He came home after five years instead of never.

Many thanks for the veterans who treated and fed  my uncle very well as a POW in the American camp, who had always a highly respect for Americans.

Many thanks for the veterans who carried my Great-Grandma out of the bombed cellar because she was wheel chair bound.

Many thanks for the veterans, who burried boxes with food for my family  and  town people, even so if they got caught they would be punished.

Many thanks for the veterans who participate in the Berlin Airlift from 24 June 1948 to 12 May 1949. Who flew countless flights with necessary cargo like food and coal, to keep Berlin free after the Soviets  blocked the supply route to the west sector of Berlin.

Many thanks for all the veterans who stood and still stand  guard day and night to keep us free, which I especially felt what Freedom means when I visit my relative in the former Czechoslovakia.

Many thanks for all the veterans who fought and still fight for our freedom. For the ones who got wounded and injured and for the ones who gave their ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you and God Bless.

Beatrice Bacon

Junction City

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