To the editor: 

Reference is made to the very excellent editorial in the DU Nov. 17, 2016, regarding the hiring of Priebus, Bannon etc.

When has anyone ever seen a office or company with two men, of equal power, that one or the other wasn’t forced out, I haven’t and believe me, I have been around a long, long time. It just doesn’t work and I think this could be Mr. Trump’s first mistake. 

One of these two gentlemen will, shall we say, leave earlier than anyone had thought.

Now let us take up the matter of Reince Priebus. I did not know it took seven efforts to finally get him into power. I remember so well that between Mr. Priebus and Mr. Romney, the two of them lost us the election in 2012. I consider Mr. Romney one of the biggest losers in history. That was one election that the Republicans should have won easily. If only Mr. Romney would do us the courtesy of butting out.

It certainly is a fact that Mr. Priebus and Speaker Ryan have close ties.

Wasn’t Mr. Rahm Emanuel also a chief of staff to President Obama, he had the good foresight to get out of the White House and become the mayor of Chicago and announce to the world that it would remain a Sanctuary City, no matter what? 

Considering the thousands of shootings during his tenure as mayor, and Chicago’s financial standing which I believe is now somewhere under the local garbage cans, one might say, Rahm should have stayed in Washington. 

To compare Mr. Priebus or Emanuel to Mr. Baker in the same breath is a bit overdone..  But Mr. Priebus was a great help to the election of Mr. Trump so now it is time for rewards.

There will be no shifting of party centers of any kind by Mr. Trump’s appointing Mr. Priebus to Chief of Staff  Mr. Priebus will certainly make relations between Mr. Trump and the House Chair Ryan a little easier. This appointment may indeed allow passage of some of the more, let’s just say, questionable programs, Mr. Trump wishes to pass.  

Let’s just say that I, as an ex-Republican, would not follow Mr. Priebus into a ice cream parlor in his forthcoming battles with the Democrats.

They have one thing that Republicans don’t have … PARTY LOYALTY … they do as the party tells them, no moralizing, no nothing.

Tom Wayne

Junction City

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