The people have spoken, and we have listened.

When I took over as editor of the Daily Union a little more than five months ago, it was important to me to reach out to the community and listen to what they had to say about the community and about the newspaper

In my conversations, there were two things I kept hearing over and over: not enough local news, and bring back the old, popular comics page.

While the Daily Union has been a local-first product since I arrived here in 2014, my staff and I worked hard to hone that focus even more. Now, most days, you’ll see local news on almost every page.

The comics page was another issue entirely. As our owner Chris Walker wrote in his Feb. 25 editorial, small daily newspapers often have to make tough choices in today’s market.

For a while, we saw this as a choice between local news coverage and paying large sums of money for out-of-state comic syndicates. But, after stepping back and looking at the situation through fresh eyes, we’ve found a way to do both.

Beginning Tuesday, you’ll see two of the popular comic strips you used to see in the pages of the Daily Union: Beetle Bailey and Zits.

We hope you enjoy the strips the same as you did before, but we also hope you check out the rest of the paper, as the Daily Union team works tirelessly every day to make this the best paper it can be.

My goal since I took over as editor was to provide local content on every page of the newspaper and continuously on the web through, while still providing the national and state coverage you deserve.

Both as an editor and as a journalist I feel it is my responsibility to show you how big national and state stories affect you locally, right here in Junction City, Geary County and the surrounding area, as well as being on the ground in the communities themselves, knocking on doors and finding the stories you want to read.

My team and I continue to work for you, bringing you the best news and immersive features you can find, and we believe ourselves to be the best source for in-depth, quality journalism relating to Junction City and the surrounding communities.

But we also know our work is never finished. It could always be better. There could always be improvements.

So, of course, we’re still listening. We still want to hear from you, our valuable readers.

We’ll be asking for your input more and more, as time goes on, letting your voices seep into our pages and onto our little corner of the internet. We’ll also be working to find better ways to deliver quality news to you, both print and digital.

As always, don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing.

Send me an email at, give us a call, stop by the office, or stop us on the street and give us your thoughts, good, bad or indifferent. We are not above criticism and we always welcome new ideas.

Don’t be a stranger. We’re always ready to listen.

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