Alex Delton

K-State freshman quarterback Alex Delton (No. 5) drops back for a pass against Florida Atlantic Sept. 18, 2016 at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan. Delton rushed seven times for 37 yards and a touchdown in a 63-7 K-State victory. 

MANHATTAN — In the second half of K-State’s (3-2, 1-1 Big 12) 40-34 loss at Texas Oct. 7, K-State senior quarterback Jesse Ertz left the game due to an injury. Sophomore quarterback Alex Delton entered the game. Delton sparked K-State’s offense by rushing for 79 yards and two touchdowns to give K-State a shot at a victory against Texas.
Delton, who was available to the media Tuesday afternoon at the Vanier Family Football Complex in Manhattan, talked about what was going through his mind when he had to enter the game for Ertz.
“It was an intense moment. It kind of throws you off, but that was my role (against Texas). I was ready. When I got in there, I was a little nervous, but after my first snap I was fine. I was ready to execute the gameplan,” Delton said. 
Delton did most of his damage against Texas through the ground, only completing two-of-five passes for 30 yards. K-State head coach Bill Snyder talked about Delton’s ability as a passer.
“Alex has a strong arm. He is an athlete. He throws the ball well. As for anybody at that position, he wouldn’t be there if he couldn’t throw the ball. I think the important thing is to manage the process and go through the progressions and make the right decisions about where to go with the ball,” Snyder said. 
Delton noted that he wants to make plays, regardless if those come from his legs or his arm.
“I like making plays. Whether that’s with my legs or my arm, I feel like it’s exciting. Anything you can do to make a big play is big for our offense. (Against Texas), I made some big plays with my legs and our offensive line did a great job. I’m excited to make some plays with my arm (if given the opportunity),” Delton said. 
Delton said that it was tough to replace Ertz against Texas, as his appearance came as a result of an injury to Ertz. 
“It’s tough. (Ertz) is a really good friend of mine. We’re extremely close off the field. We have a lot of fun together. He’s like a brother to me. It’s tough to see him get hurt. I want the best for him. He wants the best for me. We want the best for one another. It’s tough from a friend standpoint to see him dinged up from time-to-time. (Ertz) is good (from an injury standpoint). We build off each other every day, and it’s a good relationship to have,” Delton said. 
Delton talked about his relationship with Ertz.
“Ever since I got here, (Ertz) has been a guy that I look up to. My first year here was the first year he started. I learned a lot from Jesse early on. I feel like he’s been a big brother to me. We talk all the time about life. He’s someone I can go to. That relationship’s helped us a lot on the field,” Delton said. 
Delton talked about the possibility of getting more snaps during K-State’s matchup against No. 6 TCU on Saturday.
“I’m just taking this week like every other week. I’m going to prepare like every other week. I’m going to study the same amount I’ve been doing. I’m going to get with the receivers and get with (Ertz) and go over some stuff. I’m treating this like a normal week,” Delton said. 
K-State will kick off against TCU Saturday at 11 a.m. at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan. 

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