The KS National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Annual State Tournament was scheduled for April 3 and 4 in Hutchinson, at the State Fairgrounds. The Tournament was canceled like many other States NASP State Tournaments.

“States that had not held their State Tournaments all went to a (Virtual) State Championship Tournament,” said Andy Fewin, Chapman archery coach. “What this means is that all schools who participate in NASP Program, had the opportunity to enter their Archers in their respective State Tournaments.”

There are more than 150 schools in the state of Kansas who offer NASP Archery in some way, shape or form. Not all Schools choose the competition side of the NASP Program, but everyone of them have the option to. “The competition side takes a ton of commitment and effort from Archers Grades 4 thru 12, Parent’s and certified NASP instructors,” Fewin said. “The NASP Program has to be taught at school in order to be eligible to compete in NASP Tournaments.”

Chapman is completing their sixth year of NASP Archery and just finished competing in their sixth Kansas NASP State Tournament. Approximately 90 Chapman Archers competed in the KDWPT NASP (Virtual) State Tournament, which finished March 31.

Chapman has over 100 young Archers involved in our NASP Program.

“The way the (Virtual) Tournament worked, was any Archer who participated in any NASP Archery Bullseye Tournament during the 2019-20 School year had their Best Score submitted by their NASP Program director and coach,” Fewin said. “The scores were compiled and totaled up just like any other normal NASP Tournament, it just wasn’t done on site like what we are used too. Again, it took a lot of time and effort on KDWPT, NASP KS schools and coaches to work together and put this opportunity together for our archers.

“We appreciate everyone who helped make this possible,” he added. “Team Scores were kept, as well as individual scores, so that archers would have the opportunity to earn awards for being committed and working hard all school year — inspite the unexpected end to live on site competition.”

The Chapman High School NASP team has group of 24 archers and five very dedicated seniors, who started as little seventh grade archers six years ago.

“They had great hopes of competing in their sixth straight trip to an NASP National Tournament,” Fewin said.

The five seniors include: Lauren Hill, Breanna Miles, Garret Meyer, Kevin Mills and Zack Fewin have been to Louisville, Kentucky, four times and Salt Lake City, Utah, once and were hoping for a return trip to Salt Lake City.

“Thanks to the KS NASP (Virtual) State Tournament, they all had the opportunity to make some noise and go out with a bang — and I believe they did,” Fewin said. “We are very proud of our seniors and all of our high school team members. We have at least two of our seniors who have been offered scholarships to shoot Archery at the collegiate level.”

The (Virtual) State Tournament found the high school group posting a 3312 team total score for a first place finish.

“They outdistanced the strongest Pittsburg High School team we have seen in the past six years, who placed second with a score of 3274,” Fewin said. “I am extremely pleased with our high school team, their hard work in the fall and a successful March 7 Tournament sure paid off. That 3312 score would have put us as Tier 1 Team at Nationals. Our high school group claimed their third KS NASP State Title in the last four years and we have only had a high school team for four years.”

The Chapman program claimed titles in 2017 and 2018, finished 2nd to Clearwater in 2019 by less than one bullseye — 10 points — and regained that honor in 2020. Last year, Chapman finished sixth in the National Tournament in Bullseye and seventh in 3-D.

Below will be the individual placings and scores of the team members, Male and Female who placed in the top 10:

Female HS Individuals:

1st Place State Champion-Abby Hawes 280, Second Place-Reagan Morris 278, 3rd Place-Mariah Brackett-277, 6th Place-Macy Bliss 274, 7th Place Breanna Miles-272, 8th Place-Hannah Cook-272

Male HS Individuals:

2nd Place Tyler Moreland-289, 5th Place Kyle Mills-282, 7th Place ( Unbreakable Tie) Zack Fewin-273 and Garret Meyer-273, 9th Place Wyatt Miller-272

The Chapman Middle School group claimed their fifth-straight NASP State Title with a team score of 3297. They were followed by Service Valley Charter Academy of Parsons, in second place with a score of 3003. Chapman Middle School team 2 finished in third place with CMS team 3 in fourth place.

“Our middle school group is our largest,” Fewin said. “We had three teams compete in the (Virtual) State Tournament. Those Groups didn’t disappoint by any means. We are extremely proud of our middle schoolers. We reload each and every year at the middle school level is a new beginning, which makes it very interesting. Our secret to success is simple — we just outwork everyone and our kid’s are coachable. Last year our middle school team finished second in Bullseye and third in 3-D at the National Tournament.”

Below will be the individual placings and the scores of the team members, Male and Female who placed in the top 10.

“We did pull off something pretty amazing, as our middle school boys claimed the top-13 Individual Male Placings,” Fewin said. “Pretty Impressive.”

Female MS Individuals:

1st Place State Champion-Sarah Matthews 279, 3rd Place-Ashley Tannahill 268, 5th Place-Chesney Brackett 262, 7th Place Grace Johns 257, 8th Place- Meredith Kuntz 257, 9th Place-Mykee Snyder 254

Male MS Individuals:

1st Place State Champion-Ben Griffis 289, 2nd Place Blake Hornaday 287, 3rd Place-Clayton Carson 282, 4th Place-Cooper Lewis 282, 5th Place-Kaden Cline 277, 6th Place-Hayden Sutterfield 275, 7th Place-Braden Litzinger 272,

8th Place-Travis Leasure 267, 9th Place-Ryan Clark 267, 10th Place (Unbreakable Tie) Sam Kuntz 264 and Emery Moore 264.

“The Elementary Group is small as we do not have the minimum of 12 to make a full Bullseye team, but we have some very competitive individuals who compete very well at every tournament,” Fewin said.

The Individuals Male and Female are listed below.

Elementary Female Individuals:

4th Place-Angie Griffis 240, 9th Place-Montana Kayl 218.

Elementary Male Individuals:

9th Place-Jasper Johns 217

“I’m extremely proud of all of our archers, parents and our coaches,” Fewin said. “The commitment, team work and being coachable has helped our NASP Archery Program continue to grow and get stronger during the past six years and I greatly appreciate everyone’s help and support.

“Please tell our archers, ‘Congratulations on another great year,’ as we continue grow and improve, by having a great work ethic.

“We greatly appreciate the KDWPT complimenting our archers and our program at every tournament we compete in,” he added. “I couldn’t be more proud or our archers. We also, greatly appreciate the support, help and cooperation we get from our school system — that has definitely helped us grow our NASP Program. I couldn’t be more proud of our kid’s.”

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