Big save

Junction City defender Noah Campbell (7) moves into place during a corner kick Tuesday to clear the ball out as it sneaks by off-angled to keeper Thomas Green (0). Campbell successfully cleared the ball away, after it bounced off the cross bar.

The season woes continued for the Junction City Blue Jay soccer team Tuesday as they fell to Centennial League rival Topeka High School 4-0.

“We didn’t really get to many shots on goal tonight but I think we learned a little bit from that first half,” coach Allen McFarland said. “You’re down 4-0 and it’s hard to comeback. We need to figure out how to finish and get some more shots on goal.”

The night started rough as the Topeka Chargers came out on the field aggressive attacking the defense form the opening whistle.

Junction City struggled to get the ball over the midfield line throughout the contest. The first half the team lacked intensity and accuracy as they would pass by the Topeka offense while moving towards the ball, something McFarland said he will review when they look at the game film.

“(We will) watch film and breakdown the mistakes,” he said. “At the end of the day we are teaching these guys and coaching them up saying, ‘hey here is where the mistakes are; now we have to make the changes in the game. If you can’t do that then a lot of these outcomes are going to be similar.’”

Noah Campbell made a big defensive play to assist goalkeeper Thomas Green on a corner kick.

As the play went into motion Green stepped forward to make a play for the ball. Topeka kicked the ball on a off-angle past Green into the waiting leg of Campbell who cleared the ball out of the goal, after bouncing off the upper goal post.

“We teach them on those corner kicks (that) the two defenders need to be on those posts,” McFarland said. “When Thomas comes out they are there to save it. Noah Campbell did a good job of clearing that out and saving a goal. It’s important that he was in the right position.”

The Blue Jays will hit the film room and practice field Wednesday as they prepare for a rematch with Topeka Highland Park Thursday who Junction City beat earlier this season, in overtime.

“I know they are going to be ready to go and we need to step it up if we want to get our second win of the season,” McFarland said.

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