The Junction City Blue Jays bowling team closed out the Great Plains tournament in Wichita on Friday and Saturday.

“(The) girls bowled on Friday and boys on Saturday,” said coach Brad Adams. “They bowled three regular games and then 12 baker games. The top-5 series and all the baker games were added to get a score to determine who made finals. (The) top-8 make finals and then they go heads up in a best out of three series.”

After their three game set, the Lady Blue Jays finished fourth as a team with a 2670 pin count. Savannah Adams led the teams efforts with a 657 set — 209, 192, 256.

Olivia Oliver finished second on the team with a 589 set — 176, 251, 162.

Both Adams and Oliver finished in the top of the field at the end of the day with Adams finishing fourth and Oliver in 13th.

In their baker match, team match, the Lady Blue Jays faced Wichita Bishop Carroll, the eventual second place team. Bishop Carroll defeated the Lady Blue Jays ending their day in the first round, closing out fourth in the 32 team field.

On Saturday, the Blue Jays squared off against the same teams finishing sixth in their three game set with a 3041.

TJ Lindsay led the team with a 662 set, followed by Jessup Ray, 625, and Christian Carter, 608.

Junction City played Salina South in the bracketed Baker games first. After taking the first game, 225-158, Salina South took game two, 199-224.

The third game found the Blue Jays taking the win, by seven pins, 190-183, to advance to the second round.

There, the Blue Jays fell to eventual tournament winner, Salina South, in three games.

Junction City took the first game 215-162, but Salina South rebounded to take game two 166-209.

The final game ended with Salina South taking the 176-223 victory, ending the Blue Jays day.

“There were lots of good bowlers there this weekend,” Adams said. “But, I was real happy about the way we kept focus on our business and didn’t worry about what others were doing. We have been working on several things at practice and I was very happy to see some of those things still being worked on at the meet. The more we focus on what we should be doing, and less of what everyone else is doing, the better we will be.”

Adams said he was proud of his team, especially the efforts put forth by Savannah Adams and Kazerick Smith.

“We were happy with the performances of all our bowlers, but in particular, we were extremely impressed with a couple of seniors that anchored our bakers team,” he said. “Savannah Adams and Kazerick Smith anchored the bakers portion of competition for us and they were about as solid as we could have asked for. Out of 12 baker games neither one had an open 10th frame. That’s why they were put in that position.”

Lindsay was the lone individual to break into the top bowlers with his 14th place score.

The team will now prepare for their next tournament, Wednesday in Manhattan.


Team Results 3-set: 1. Garden City, 5155; 2. Haysville-Campus, 4934; 3. Salina South, 4907; 4. Junction City, 4880; 5. Wichita Bishop Carroll, 4869; 6. Washburn Rural, 4818; 7. Wichita South, 4561; 8. Great Bend, 4538.    

Individual Results: 1. Hannah Casto, WR; 2. Kaylee Back, WBC; 3. Kinsey Miller, EMP; 4. Savannah Adams, JCHS; 5. Shaniah Moore, WHGT; 6. Karly Larson, GCHS; 7. Aviana Ordonez, SS; 8. Angelina Leeper, GCHS; 9. Holly Bridges, GCHS; 10. Stella Gestl, SS; 11.  Rebecca Herd, HCAM; 12. Kenzie Womack, WNW; 13. Olivia Oliver, JCHS; 14. McKenzie Bilings, SS; 15. Rylie Osterman, GDRD.


Team Results 3-set: 1. Haysville-Campus, 5839; 2. Salina Central, 5652; 3. Salina South, 5568; 4. Wichita Kapaun, 5502; 5. Wichita Heights, 5437; 6. Junction City, 5427; 7. Wichita South, 5325; 8. Garden City, 5309.

Individual Results: 1. Samuel Calderon, WK; 2. Griffin Peterson, SS; 3. Brandon Bonta, WNW; 4. V-Thoon Thanasack, HCAM; 5. Mack Proetheroe, WHGT; 6. William Day, HCAM; 7. Grayson Graham, MAZ; 8. Bryce Moore, GB; 9. Tyler Newell, WS; 10. Spencer Reynolds, WS; 11. Dakota Philbrick, HUTCH; 12. Michael Hauster, HCAM; 13. Chase Young, SC; 14. TJ Lindsay, JCHS; 15. Nathan Kleinschrodt, HCAM.

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