MANHATTAN — Former Junction City Blue Jays quarterback Ryan Henington met with the media on Thursday as part of K-State Media Day. Henington, who is currently a walk-on with the Wildcats, talked about his experience at K-State so far. 
“I’ve just been getting acclimated to the system and the program. It’s been a real joy and excitement. I’m just really glad to be a part of the team now, Kansas State’s program is really rigorous, but the coaches do the right thing to put the athletes in the best position to compete on Saturdays. They demand a lot out of you, but that’s the next level of football. It gets you really prepared for the season,” Henington said.
Henington noted that much of his experience with the Wildcats so far has been participating in 7 on 7 drills, and doing conditioning work. 
“I’ve mostly been doing conditioning and 7 on 7 practices, but I enjoy it. I enjoy being part of the program and it is a challenge, but it’s nothing I didn’t expect,” Henington said. 
Henington is listed on K-State’s roster as a wide receiver. However, he noted that he has been testing out a number of positions so far until he finds the right fit.
“I’ve just been bouncing around, just trying to help out wherever I can. Nothing’s for sure right now. I’m just trying to be at camp and help out anywhere possible, but I’m definitely getting a broad spectrum of looks right now,” Henington said. 
It is not uncommon for a quarterback to make a transition to wide receiver. In the NFL, for example, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor spent much of his 2016 season with the Cleveland Browns as a wide receiver. Pryor responded by catching 77 passes for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns. Henington talked about how he’s handled the transition of going from quarterback to receiver.
“There are definitely some things that are different. It’s a totally different perspective of the game on offense, but wherever I end up, it’ll benefit me knowing both positions,” Henington said.
Henington said that there have been several players that have mentored him since he came to K-State.
“A lot of guys are really helpful. It’s hard to point out a few, but every guy here has been great. There’s really of lot of love and care. It is a family, like they say. I’m being helped by a lot of different individuals,” Henington said. 
By playing at K-State, Henington gets to play college football just about 20 miles from his hometown. Henington noted that he feels that he made the right decision to play for the Wildcats.
“I really feel at home here. It’s a great program. They ask a lot of their student athletes. I feel like I fit in really well, and I’m having a good time. It is nice being home. Kansas State’s really family-oriented and really big in the state of Kansas. It’s good to represent the state of Kansas at the next level. I’m excited for school to start. That’ll be fun,” Henington said.

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