The Junction City bowling team hosted a triangular Monday afternoon during the team’s senior day. The varsity boys, girls and junior varsity boys all finished in first place.

The varsity boys standings were as follows:

• Junction City High School — 2,476 points

• Manhattan High School — 2,433 points

• Newton High School — 2,086 points

The top scorer for the varsity boys was Ciaran Prickett, who had a score of 695. Jaden Kell finished with the third-highest score at 625 and Rooster Adams finished fourth with 589. 

The varsity girls standings were as follows:

• Junction City High School — 2,315 points

• Manhattan High School — 2,282 points

• Newton High School — 1,606 points

Following Alex Newell of Manhattan High School, who came in first with a combined score of 689, was Savannah Adams of Junction City with a 635. Olivia Oliver finished in fourth with a 581 and Hailey Eschliman came in fifth with a 572.

The results for the junior varsity boys were as follows:

• Junction City High School — 2,164 points

• Manhattan High School — 1,794 points

• Newton High School — 1,723 points

The top scorer for the junior varsity boys was Scott Ellis, with a score of 548. Aaron Hill was right behind with a score of 543, and Griffin Opat had 540.  

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