Brianna Potter

Junction City High School girls soccer senior Brianna Potter (No. 6) plays defense against Washburn Rural High School Monday night at Al Simpler Stadium in Junction City.

The Junction City High School girls soccer team (4-9) faced one of its biggest tests of the season Monday night, as it hosted Washburn Rural High School (9-1-1) at Al Simpler Stadium.

Junction City lost to Washburn Rural by a score of 0-6. 

Junction City head coach Mitchell DeHoff evaluated how his team performed Monday night.

"Overall, they did a very good job, considering who we were playing. Washburn Rural is a team that competes for State championships every year. Since I've been here, we haven't played out an entire game against them in the last four years," DeHoff said. "To play some good defense and clearly frustrate them and play the entire thing out in a really competitive match was good to see."

In the first half, Washburn Rural got on the board early, as it knocked through a goal with 32:12 remaining in the half to take a 0-1 lead.

Washburn Rural struck again a couple of minutes later, as it took a 0-2 lead with 30:55 remaining in the half.

Washburn Rural scored again with 21:35 remaining in the half to take a 0-3 lead into halftime.

Junction City allowed two very quick goals to begin the second half, as it trailed Washburn Rural by a score of 0-5 with 34:39 remaining in the game.

Washburn Rural scored another goal with 29:30 remaining in the game to take a 0-6 lead.

Junction City was able to keep Washburn Rural out of the goal for the final 30 minutes of the game to take the loss.

DeHoff talked about his team limiting Washburn Rural to only six goals.

"The biggest thing was the response to those goals. In the second half, two of those came pretty quickly out of halftime. As an attacking team, you want to hit early and just open up the gate. Defensively, the fact that we let those two goals in but just bunkered down and got tougher is a very good response," DeHoff said.

DeHoff talked about his team's struggles on offense Monday night.

"(Washburn Rural) will step everybody up to try to win the ball back immediately. With how quick they are across the field, it makes it very difficult for teams to move the ball around and pass it forward," DeHoff said. "We were trying to play a little longer than what we usually do. We tried to get the ball up to our forward and try to run off that. There were a couple of times where we had a chance, but it got shut down."

One standout from Monday night's game was sophomore goalkeeper Elisa Robinson. Robinson finished the game with a career-high 21 saves. DeHoff evaluated Robinson's performance.

"She played very, very well. It was definitely one of her better games in the goal. She read the ball really well in the air. She saw the balls coming off of Washburn Rural's feet very clearly. She was able to get down and get her hands on the ball time and time again. That was great to see," DeHoff said.

Robinson talked about her game.

"I think I did really great. My goal was to not get mercy ruled, and that (goal) actually happened. My defense helped out to pressure the ball," Robinson said.

Junction City will be back in action Thursday, when it will travel to Topeka to face Topeka West High School.

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