Brianna Potter

Junction City High School girls soccer senior Brianna Potter (No. 6) dribbles the ball against Topeka West High School Friday night at Al Simpler Stadium in Junction City.

After falling on the road to Shawnee Heights High School by a score of 0-7 Tuesday night, the Junction City High School girls soccer team (4-8) returned home to Al Simpler Stadium Friday night, as it took on Topeka High School.

Junction City lost the match by a score of 0-7. 

Topeka High struck early in the first half, as it scored a goal with 33:17 remaining in the half to take a 0-1 lead.

It struck again a few minutes later, as it scored with 26:22 remaining in the half to take a 0-2 lead.

Topeka High added another goal with 25:28 remaining in the half to take a 0-3 lead into halftime.

Junction City allowed four goals in the second half to take the 0-7 loss. 

Junction City head coach Mitchell DeHoff talked about the second half Friday night.

"(Topeka High) came out with the mindset that they wanted to put some distance on. We were probably a little bit slow to get started in the second half. The first two (goals) happened really quick after halftime. We got a little loose on marking up their runners. They punished us for that," DeHoff said.

DeHoff evaluated his team's performance Friday night.

"Overall, we did pretty well. Topeka High is a really solid team top to bottom. They have a lot of very good athletes who have a great first touch on the ball. They have some rockets that can take long distance shots or finish close," DeHoff said. "Considering who we played, I think we played one of our better overall games. We were going forward more than we have in the past couple of games, which is good to see."

DeHoff noted that a couple of standouts from Friday night's game were senior Brianna Potter and junior Emma Beamer. DeHoff talked about Potter and Beamer's performances.

"They had some of their better games (Friday). (Beamer) has been our center back all season. I don't know what we would do without her. She's a real rock back there. She's willing to step in to win the ball. She's fearless in stepping in and trying to win the ball," DeHoff said. "(Potter) is in her fourth year in our program. She started out with me her freshman year on (junior varsity) and came with me once I got the varsity job for the past three years. I love the type of player she is. She plays hard-nosed defense right off the bat and has a high work ethic."

Junction City will be back in action April 30, when it will host Washburn Rural High School.

DeHoff talked about what he wants to see from his team in its upcoming matchup against one of the best teams in the Centennial League.

"We're going to have to be incredibly energetic on defense. Washburn Rural is a very quick and direct attacking team. They won't pass the ball that much. They want to go forward. We need to be incredibly fast off the ball. We need to play very good (one-on-one) defense. Their entire team can score. When we create chances (on offense) we have to take advantage," DeHoff said.

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