MANHATTAN — Following a 14-7 road loss to Vanderbilt last Saturday, K-State head coach spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon for his weekly press conference. K-State will have a bye week this week before opening Big 12 play at home Sept. 30 against Baylor. 
Snyder opened his conference with the media by answering some questions about a play during Saturday’s game, where K-State senior defensive tackle Will Geary appeared to strip the ball from Vanderbilt quarterback Kyle Shurmur during a sack for a fumble that was returned for a touchdown in the second quarter. The play was overturned after video replay ruled that Shurmur’s knee was down before the ball came out. Snyder talked about the process that happens if a coach wants to revisit an overturned call after a game.
“At the conclusion of every ballgame that we play that has Big 12 officials (like Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt), we send a notification following the ballgame to identify calls that we might take issue with. Each of our coaches scrutinize segments of the video tape and share with (associate head coach) Sean (Snyder) what concerns they might have. He sends the information to the Big 12. The Big 12 called Sean on Sunday and indicated that they had contacted the Southeastern Conference because the replay official was a Southeastern Conference official. The Big 12 contacted the Southeastern Conference about that call,” Snyder said.
Snyder noted that he has had received no feedback yet about that call.
Snyder said that the loss to Vanderbilt still stings his team.
“It does sting. The important thing is how much does one care. If someone is going through some agony and some pain from the loss, then that tells me that they genuinely care, which is important to me. I believe that our youngsters were in some pain. Once you get beyond that, anger sets in. That anger is a message that we need to do something about it. I’m hoping that that’s where we are at this stage,” Snyder said. 
Junior offensive lineman Abdul Beecham noted that this bye week is something that the team needs right now.
“I think, for right now, the bye week is what we needed to gather ourselves. Especially after the loss we just took. I feel like the bye week is a good spot for us right now,” Beecham said. 
Sophomore wide receiver Dalton Schoen said that he thinks that the timing of this bye week is good for the team.
“I think the timing is decent, just because coming off of a tough loss like that, it’s a good time for us to rest up some guys and get healthy and get back on track. We know what we can do and what we have to do,” Schoen said.
Sophomore defensive end Kyle Ball said that he would rather have a bye week now than have it later in the season.
“I think it’s good to recuperate, especially after (Vanderbilt). Having this bye week now really helps us focus up going into conference play. I think that it’s good timing,” Ball said.
Senior linebacker Jayd Kirby listed a few things that he wants to improve on during this bye week.
“The bye week is hard coming off of a loss. You want to go out there and play and get another win. With this bye week, we’re going to be focused on correcting mistakes that we made (against Vanderbilt) and let our bodies heal a little bit. Those are some of the main things (we’re working on),” Kirby said. 

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