FRISCO — Head coach Bill Snyder, as well as a few members of the K-State football team, held their session of Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday morning at The Star football complex in Frisco, Texas. Senior quarterback Jesse Ertz was one of the K-State players chosen to represent the university at the event.
Ertz talked about how he was improving in this offseason, and gave some thoughts on how good K-State’s offense can become in the 2017 season.
Ertz talked about how he can improve in his senior season.
“I think it’s a perfect time for me as far as having a lot of pieces coming back. I’ve got a lot of talent around me that I get to work with. There’s a lot of room on our offense to get better in practice. I’m looking forward to a good season,” Ertz said.

Ertz mentioned how his coaches, as well as his teammates, have been helping him improve in this offseason.
“I feel like all the players on the team are really close. Every day, we just go over the same thing. We’re just trying to improve. We’re trying to get better in some area. Whether it’s me as far as improving my footwork or throwing the ball, there’s always something to improve on,” Ertz said.
Ertz also talked about some of the talent that is returning to K-State this season.
“Defensively, we obviously have some really good players coming back. We’ve got (sophomore defensive end) Reggie (Walker). We have (junior defensive back) D.J. (Reed). There’s a lot of names. That’s good as a quarterback to be able to rely on in some of the big games. If we don’t come up with points, and the defense gets a stop, then we’re right back with the ball. On the offensive side, just having (junior fullback) Winston Dimel, who does so many different things for the offense. I wouldn’t want his job, but he does a great job opening up holes, and he does a really good job with a bunch of technique blocks. There are a lot of things to be excited about,” Ertz said. 
Ertz expanded on some more of the offensive weapons that he will have around him in the upcoming season.
“I think there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be better this year. I put a lot of that on me that we weren’t explosive in the passing game (in 2016). We have some really good athletes, some really good receivers, between (sophomore wide receiver Isaiah) Zuber, (junior wide receiver) Byron (Pringle), and (junior tight end) Dayton (Valentine). There’s a lot of things that we look forward to this season,” Ertz said. 
Former K-State star quarterback Collin Klein, who was a Heisman Trophy finalist in the 2012 season, is returning to the Wildcats this season as a quarterbacks coach. Ertz talked about what it is like to work with him. 
“It’s great to have a guy like (Klein) who is just in the same shoes as me. He’s been in the big games, and he can really relate to you from an in-game perspective. There’s a lot of good things that he can bring and help me with. I’m looking forward to working with him,” Ertz said.
The Wildcats will open the 2017 season at home against Central Arkansas on September 2. 

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