The Junction City Lady Jays won their second game in a row last week against Topeka High School, a streak of the sort the team has not experienced in a while according to Coach Tim Testa.

“Right now, we’re playing really well. We are on the first two-game winning streak since Feb. 18, 2018,” he said. “Obviously we want to win more than two in a row, but for this group of girls to be able to do something they haven’t done in a while is pretty cool.”

Testa said he had high hopes for the rest of the team’s season, with several games coming up he believed the Lady Jays could win.

Last year, the team only netted three wins and this year they have won four games.

There are eight games left for the team this season and Testa said he expects the girls to rack up more wins and “beat some teams we haven’t beaten in a while.”

Testa attributes these improvements to the efforts of senior students on the team. There are four senior girls on the team this year.

“Three of them have been in the program for four years,” he said. “That’s kind of added some leadership. They’re obviously pretty skilled players. And then I think even our underclassmen have just kind of bought into our coaching staff’s way of playing and our way of thinking. I think it just took us about a year and a half for everybody to get on the same page and I think now we’re clicking pretty well.”

The Lady Jays will play again tonight at home tipping off at about 6 p.m. against Topeka Seaman High School in Shenk Gymnasium.

Testa said he believed the Lady Jays stood a chance of winning Tuesday’s game.

“It’s a winnable game,” Testa said. “We’re pretty realistic. There’s some teams in our league that are really, really tough and we go into it with different goals other than win-loss goals. But the goal for Topeka Seaman is to put another win in the win column and kind of get us excited for the big Manhattan game on Friday.”

Testa said it was still too early to make predictions about the upcoming rivalry game against Manhattan High School.

“Last year, they blew us out,” he said. “They beat us by 30-something last year. But this year — we’ve already played them and I think it was our third game of the year — and they only beat us by, I believe it was nine (points.) So, we’ve made big improvements and I know the girls really, really want to be able to knock (the Manhattan) girls off and try and beat Manhattan for the first time in a while.”

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