Bill Snyder

K-State football head coach Bill Snyder talks to the media during his weekly press conference Tuesday afternoon. 

MANHATTAN — No. 19 K-State head coach Bill Snyder held his second weekly press conference of the season Tuesday afternoon following at 55-19 victory over Central Arkansas last Saturday. In his press conference, Snyder noted that K-State has been working to defend the quarterback option run game, which hurt the Wildcats Saturday. Central Arkansas racked up 201 yards of rushing offense on the Wildcats, with much of that coming off option plays.
“We’ve invested a decent amount of time so we can make sure that we correct those mistakes,” Snyder said. 
After Saturday’s win, Snyder talked about how his defense needed to defend the option better.
“For somebody to be able to continually run the same play over and over again and still get positive yardage out of it, that tells a bad story. We’ve got to get better playing the option,” Snyder said Saturday.
Several defensive players were made available to the media Tuesday afternoon. Nearly all noted that they were working on defending the option.
Senior linebacker Jayd Kirby talked about some of the adjustments that the defense needs to improve on.
“The option was the main thing (we worked on). It’s what they hurt us a lot with last week. In practice, we got that all fixed up. We learned how to fit up the different ways to run the option. There’s a lot of different ways to run it. That’s what was getting us the other day,” Kirby said. 
Sophomore linebacker Elijah Sullivan noted that the defense has been looking for different ways to improve option defense. 
“We’re definitely going over the film from last game and looking at what we messed up on here and there. We’re just going in and trying to get adjustments done,” Sullivan said. 
Senior defensive end Tanner Wood mentioned that defending the option was one of the biggest things that the defense needed to work on after Saturday’s game.
“I think that was the biggest thing that we saw on film. We just weren’t feeling right and had some mess-ups and miscues in the back. I think we got it corrected (Monday) and we’re working on correcting it (Tuesday) too. (Monday), we went over (the option) in practice for about 30 minutes. We watched it in film for about an hour. We covered it quite extensively. We should have it corrected now,” Wood said.
Snyder noted that Charlotte, K-State’s next opponent, also does some similar things on offense that Central Arkansas does.
“From an offensive standpoint, I like the progress they’ve made with their offensive line. They’re a mobile offensive line. They run well. The key to their offense is the quarterback. (Charlotte junior quarterback Hasaan Klugh) is very talented. He’s probably a 4.6 or better 40 (yard dash) guy. He has good range and runs well. They do a lot of things with the quarterback run game. They have option football, which was a nemesis for us last week. He had (101 yards) last week (in a 24-7 loss to Eastern Michigan). Last week, we had some difficulty with (quarterback) scrambles. This guy will pull it down and go in a heartbeat. He’s a threat to run it, as well as throw it,” Snyder said.
Senior defensive back Brogan Barry talked about what he expects from Charlotte.
“What I’ve heard from Coach Snyder is that they’re pretty similar (to Central Arkansas). They have a talented and athletic quarterback that’s going to be our key to holding them. I know they have a similar offense to Central Arkansas,” Barry said. 
Wood gave some of his thought’s on (Charlotte quarterback) Klugh.
“He’s fast. He likes to run the ball. They have a lot of quarterback running game. They do a lot of cutting with their offensive line to get him outside and make quick throws. I’m looking forward to trying to stop him, but he’s going to be quick. He’ll be a competitor,” Wood said.
K-State will face off against Charlotte Saturday at 11 a.m. (CT) at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan. 

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