Like anything, supply and demand are things that drive the way we do things today, technology, goods and services, education have to continue to progress and change to keep up the way people live and work. The way we communicate, how we get the things we need, and how we provide services to the community are affected by what is going on in the world, and how we make it work for everyone is the biggest challenge of all.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is people still need things to conduct their daily lives and the way there are able to get the goods and services they need have to fit the lifestyle for everyone especially now. Some of these services have always been there for people to use, but the pandemic seemed to bring them to light. Services like curbside make doing daily activities more convenient for everyone.

The popularity of curbside services is mostly due to Covid- 19, but curbside pick-up is about more than just minimizing the spread of Covid, curbside services are about serving the most people and meeting their needs. Curbside services allow customers to have access to essential and non-essential items without having to leave the comfort of their vehicle. Business and other organizations that work with the public are seeing how this service provides quality customer service to their customers, and hot it makes shopping a more comfortable experience. Customers have the ability to order groceries, food from local restaurants, and even get their medications without having to do anything in person.

Curbside pickup is an excellent service for people with all types of lifestyles and schedules. This service works for the mom, who may have a sleeping child in the car, and does not want to risk ending that afternoon car nap by going into the store, or the customer that just had surgery and needs to pick up medication so they can ease any discomfort while they are recovering.

This service has been offered by businesses and other organizations prior to Covid-19; the demand for these services has increased due to the recent pandemic. Curbside pick-up and its benefits I feel will be around for a while, and not just because of health reasons. Curbside pick-up allows flexibility and allows customers to conduct their business as usual. Curbside allows customers to order, pay, and pickup items, which makes the shopping process more convenient and safer for those that are concerned about their health and safety.

The library has currently has curbside services available for all patrons that want to use it. This service gives the public another option when they are not able to come inside the library to select items. Patrons can select items from our collections such as books, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, and other materials that are available for checkout. Items that are currently checked out can be placed on reserve, and items that are not in our collection can be requested through our inter-library loan service.

Patrons can call 785-238-4311 the library’s main line to order items. Patrons that have library accounts set up online will be able to search the catalog and see what titles are available and can be placed as a curbside order. When a pickup request is made, library staff will begin to pull requested titles from the collections and prepare them to be checked out on accounts. When the items are ready for pick up, library staff will contact the patron, let them know the items they ordered are ready for pick up, and provide them with a phone number to call when they have arrived at the library. Once the patron has arrived, library staff will deliver items to their vehicle.

Curbside service is designed to be user friendly and provide another way for patrons to conduct library business. It is the library’s hope that by adding this service the library staff is able to reassure patrons that they can still enjoy library materials without having to be in the library. So check out our curbside service and we will meet you outside.

Benefits of Curbside Service

  1. Curbside services are convenient and easy.
  2. Many businesses and agencies are using curbside.
  3. Curbside services help maintain the health and safety of its customers.
  4. The Library has curbside service.
  5. It is user friendly.

ASHLEY TODD is the Head of Circulation at the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library

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