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The final part of my three course Asian Adventure was an adaptation of Sticky Chicken.

Last week I had the meeting of the question “What to have for dinner?” and the problem of “My cupboard is bare.” Yuck. Doesn’t make for an inspired dish.

My second batch of spring rolls was a success. Well, a moderate success. They weren’t as pretty as you get in a restaurant, but they didn’t fall apart either. I’ll take it as a win.

With summer upon us, I’m wanting to spend less time over a hot stove … that means a quick stir fry is just the ticket.

It’s hot outside … blisteringly hot. It seems like we’ll never cool off again, and the reality is, we may not as global temperatures are inching upwards. Making things worse, right now is the hottest time of the year, the period known as the Dog Days of Summer.

With meat prices skyrocketing, it’s nice to be able to use cheaper cuts and still have a great dinner.

Sometimes a little heat is good, even on a hot summer day. We’ll get one of those, right? Or maybe, the more appropriate response is “Be careful what you wish for”.

One of my favorite fruits is the simple peach. I actually much prefer it to an apple, even drinking peach cider when I can find it. As it turns out, it’s quite popular in Scandinavia, and can be found in the big box Swedish store.

As I was sitting through a drippy, rainy day last week, I was contemplating dinner. Oddly, in May, I wanted warm comfort food. And what is better comfort food than something your mother used to make?

I pulled out an old favorite the other day … for a new audience. They insisted that I redo it in my column this week.

Sometimes, when I’m lookin’ at cookin’, I just run out of new ideas. So I go back and try to improve on some older ones instead. Or, perhaps look at a different way of producing a dish I’ve been making for years. Did I make it on the stove top? Then perhaps popping it into the oven. A slow c…

Yes! Spring is in the air. Well, we think it is anyway, but this is Kansas, so while I’m enjoying a beautiful, nearly 80 degree day as I’m writing this, chances are you’ll be shivering through a 40 degree rainy day as you’re reading it. But that’s OK, we need wet badly … in whatever form Mot…

Around this time last year, Gail Parsons — a former Union reporter — introduced me to the vodka mojito.

Necessity is the mother of invention, according to Plato, and exhaustion was the mother of this recipe.

It’s not nearly as hot out as it could be — at least not yet — but it’s still pretty toasty out there.

My grandma watched me when I was little while my parents were at work. It was an ideal situation — my parents had free childcare when it would have otherwise been too expensive and I had the chance to hang out with grandma all day.

Do you know what sounds good right now? A nice dip. An edible dip, to be specific — though a dip in the lake or the pool wouldn’t hurt matters either, since it looks like it’s going to be in the 90s all week.

It is blazing hot outside right now — too hot for the oven. Let’s have some chips and dip.

We spent a few days vacation in St. Louis, where we managed to eat in a variety of restaurants. Now it’s time to “reverse engineer” some of the great food we enjoyed.

The first time I made my own alfredo sauce, I was looking for something to do a demonstration of for a speech class. I knew how to cook and my mother had a vast collection of cookbooks in a cupboard in the dining room, so I decided cooking something would be the best route.

This is a simple recipe I inherited from my grandpa. Almost anyone can make this five ingredient pork chop recipe. It’s dirt cheap, too. The most expensive thing in it is the meat itself. It won’t be the prettiest meal you’ve ever eaten, but it is filling and children love it.

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It’s May, which means it’s going to be June soon enough and that means summer — at least that’s how I choose to look at it.

Is it cold enough for chili? It certainly was while I was writing this column. That’s good enough for me. In my opinion, there’s always room in one’s schedule for some good chili. This one makes use of two unusual ingredients — Cola and unsweetened cocoa powder. It adds something to the flav…

I made this, in part, because I had a bell pepper and an entire bag of spinach that was about to go bad. I dumped my entire — otherwise untouched — bag of spinach into the sauce. That was a lot of spinach. Too much spinach, actually. I ended up with salmon in cream sauce with a side of cream…

The other day, I had milk and chicken that were both going to go bad if I didn’t do something with them in a hurry. This is what I did with them.

While it’s in the oven, this cake makes everything smell like a Thin Mint.

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I was cautious when I picked up the audiobook version of Axiom’s End by Lindsay Ellis, published in July 2020 by St. Martin’s Press, a science fiction novel that takes place in an alternate history version of 2007, not least because it’s an alternate history novel that takes place in 2007.

It’s been cold and wet outside, so there’s still a little time to get in some baking before it’s too warm to run the oven regularly.

This recipe is what happens when you want something really badly, but you don’t have the ingredients to make it and all the grocery stores are closed because it’s after midnight and it’s covid outside.

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It’s tacos again.

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It’s suddenly warm out and I don’t know about any of you, but I’m in the mood for spring. These steak tacos are about as spring-y a food as I can think of, with fresh fruit that’s readily available in grocery stores right now and homemade guacamole. Aside from cooking the steak itself, this …

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It’s too cold out to do much anything but bake. Here is another brownie recipe. We can worry about our beach bodies when it’s not literally freezing outside. I feel like a little extra padding will keep us warm in the evenings, anyway. At least that’s what I tell myself.

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It’s too cold outside to do anything but bake. Let’s make brownies. Yeah, brownies sound good right about now. Fortunately, this is a pretty basic recipe that gets a minimal number of dishes dirty in the process. The result is rich, warm and chocolatey — just right for a cold day in February.

I first made this pasta sauce when I had an overabundance of fresh herbs from my garden. This isn’t the best season for fresh herbs, unless you have them in an indoor planter of some sort, but you can still find them in the grocery store. You can use them to infuse olive oil with subtle but …

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