We still have about a month to go, but it’s already been a tough summer! All sorts of challenges from weather and insects, so today we’ll just go through some of the bigger issues we’ve been facing in recent weeks.

Many gardeners have been asking me about garden plants blooming but not setting fruit. Two groups of plants have been mentioned most frequently: tomatoes/peppers and vine crops. In the case of tomatoes, it’s all about the heat. When we have daytime temperatures over 90 and especially nighttime temperatures above 75, the tomato flowers literally self-destruct from the heat. They keep blooming, they just don’t set. Just keep the plants healthy, growing, and blooming. Once we get a break in the weather you should get a new round of fruit setting on. While peppers may not be quite as sensitive to the temperatures, the heat will impact fruit set and development as well!

CHUCK OTTE is the agricultural and natural resources agent with the Geary County Extension Office.