The Junction City Ladies Reading Club met Thursday, Sept. 9 for the first time since March 2020 with president Helen Kovac presiding.

Marilyn Smith, a guest of Ellen Westerhaus, was welcomed.

A moment of silence was held for the members who have passed since the last meeting including: Wilda Connell, Margaret Deppish, Jennie Heck, Barbara Hoyle, Inge Levinson, Pat Upham, Pat Stuckey and Betsey Young.

Westerhaus reported on the yard work and building redecorating while Shelley Hoyle Kite reported on the academic and music scholarships awarded during the last year. President Kovac suggested adding an additional scholarship to our budget in, perhaps, fine arts. This will be be discussed at the next meeting.

Dianne Hepler discussed the holiday pecan sales which will be continued this year.

Paula Dinkel gave a report from the Way and Means committee.

GFWC of Kansas ill hold their 125th Annual Convention at the Geary County Convention Center Oct. 15 an 16.

Members were encouraged to attend and mail in their registration form which was included in the September issue of the Kansas Clubwoman News.

The Geary County match day on Oct. 12 was discussed and members were encouraged to include the Ladies Reading Club in their giving.

Westerhaus reminded hostesses that if they didn’t want to decorate the table to call her.

Following adjournment, the afternoon tea was hosted by Christine Munson, Eunice Rolfs and Ligia Paquette.

The next meet of the Ladies reading Club will be Thurs., Sept. 23.

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